A Creative Slump

Whether you have noticed or not, there has been a significant lack of blog posts from me recently. I can’t really explain why, I just think I’ve been in a sort of creative slump, hence the topic for today’s post. I could have used the excuse of ‘deadlines’, but really, we can all make time, I could have made time to write something each week, but the truth is I didn’t feel up to it…something I have come to realise is totally okay.

It was only until a couple of weeks ago I realised, when it was a Sunday morning and I was frantically trying to write a blog post just so I had content to go up on time. I’m so keen for my blog to be consistent, because theres so many people who start a blog, write one post and then never write again and I was sure I did not want to be like that. I want my blog to demonstrate commitment and so the thought of missing a week really bothered me. However, as I was sat at my laptop, Mat said to me “don’t write and post one for the sake of it”, this spoke to me!

I think we all experience creative slumps at some stage, we’re stuck for fresh ideas and it leaves us feeling unmotivated. I don’t think these times should be fought, I think they should be welcomed and accepted. I could have forced myself to write something, but I wouldn’t have felt passionate about it or even enjoyed writing it, so what’s the point? Everything that I post on here is because I am truly interested about the topic and therefore thoroughly enjoy writing about it. I also think that if I wrote something without wanting to, this would have shown through.

Let’s face it, there won’t be any one close to tears searching for my missing weekly blog post, so I shouldn’t beat myself up for taking off a few weeks to rest my creative juices. Instead of forcing myself to write something, I thought to myself what my main interests are, I thought about what I had coming up and things I was experiencing/thinking about at the time. Instead of staring blankly at a screen hoping for words to come to mind, I took the pressure off, I got out, I did things, I made plans, all of which gave me things to talk about! Instead of forcing myself to write blog posts, I wrote down ideas for titles. I find that writing titles really helps; they’re easy to come up with and they don’t force you to think of hundred’s of words about a certain topic. Once I’ve come up with titles/topics for blog posts, I go away and think a little bit about them, as and when I fancy it. After this I’ll go back to the blog post titles and write potential sections of the blog post. If you’re in a creative slump but about something different, try making a plan of action, what do you want to achieve? How might you go about achieving it? How will you feel after you’ve achieved it? This takes no effort but will definitely help you get going!

Take some time to think about why you do what you do, what do you enjoy about it? What’s been you’re highlight of your work or hobby? How does doing it make you feel? Reflecting on the good of what you do can make you realise that this isn’t a chore, its a choice! I know that I blog because I want to, not because I have to, I do it because it makes me feel great and it makes other people feel great. Thinking about the positives helps with motivation, because who doesn’t want to do something that makes you feel good?

Sometimes a little change is in order. In my case I thought about a new feature to my blog, a new way to blog, different ways to interact with my readers, or giving my blog a little spring clean. Maybe consider the way you’re doing what you’re doing and if theres a minimal change you can make, it might re-excite you…it doesn’t always take a huge change to make a huge difference!

In summary, it’s okay to not have something to say every week, to not want to take photos or go running, breaks are allowed, they should be embraced. We’re not machines and sometimes we feel unmotivated, be intuitive, listen to your mind and your body. In the breaks, be present, use the time wisely and think about why you run/take photos/blog/whatever…remind yourself that it’s a choice that you freely make because it has a positive impact on your life! These breaks are crucial if you’re feeling un-motivated, you’ll often find that taking a rest/break results in higher productivity and creativity in the long-run!

Good luck, remember that taking breaks doesn’t make you a failure.

Until next time,


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