My Dog Buddy Experience

If you are one of many who think ‘why does Megan always have dogs in her house?’ then this is the blog post for you! I literally get questions all the time about it, why? How? When? I am going to answer all of these in here! I’m going to add in some tips here and there as and when I see it necessary, along with any drawbacks I have found (there aren’t many).

About a year ago I signed up to a website called ‘Dog Buddy’, after my housemate at the time had joined and spoken about it. I absolutely adore all animals, but especially dogs. I was one of those people who would shamelessly walk up to a dog in the street and give it loads of fuss and cuddles, I just missed dogs so much! Being at uni meant that I never saw my dog, he’s called Barney and he’s an absolute dream. When I found out I could look after dogs AND get paid for it, I thought, this is a dream come true! I had just finished my 2nd year of uni and so I had spare time, so the idea of loads of walks in the sun with no other commitments sounded amazing!

The website is great, its so easy to use and theres an app you can download which lets you communicate with owners and track your walks etc. When you sign up, if I remember correctly you simply answer a few questions just so they know you are able to look after the dogs, and you are good to go!

I’ve had so much fun over the past year, I’ve met some absolutely amazing dogs, I get so attached to all of them and I’ve even shed tears when they have left! It’s so amazing to read your reviews as well, to hear that you’ve made a dog and their owner happy is just such a nice feeling! The reviews is definitely one of my favourite parts (as Mat will know because I constantly check my emails for the ‘X has left you a review’).  I also think that this has been such a good experience for me to learn what truly goes into having a dog, they’re such a responsibility and it’s definitely been good practice for me for the future. I’ve had dogs when its been snowing/raining/sunny, everything! You have to walk them in whatever weather, more than once a day and you have to stay patient with them even when they are being naughty…dog buddy has helped me learn this!

I’ve looked after a range of breeds, from german shepherds to sausage dogs…and it’s helped me decide what kind of breed suits my personality and life style…and allergies! Basically, anything crossed with a poodle is my cup of tea!

If you are considering joining, my tips are;

  • Be patient, they don’t mean to annoy you!
  • Send photos and lots of updates to owners, they love it!
  • Treat the dog like you would your own
  • Really read the dog profiles the owners make, and stick to their walking/eating and sleeping habits
  • Pricing, stick to the rate that dog buddy recommends, setting it too high will lose you customers!
  • Be flexible with pick up and drop off times
  • If you have a car, definitely mention that in your profile!
  • Choose a good photo to attract customers, let it be a good quality, bright and pretty picture, and include you with a dog
  • Include photos of where you can walk the dogs and also lots of photos of happy dogs in your company!


I’ll insert a link to my profile so that you can have a read of how I have written my profile and the photos I have used.

My profile link

The only drawback I can think of is that their pricing and payment is a bit odd, they aren’t great at paying you quickly, its typically within 4 days of your completed booking. They also take 17% of your first booking with every customer, but if you do a good job you will often get repeat clients and then no more fees! ALSO, try to remember that you aren’t doing it for the money, its simply an added bonus..I can honestly say that 90% of the dogs I have looked after, I would do for absolutely nothing, they have brought so much joy to my life and I would have them as my pets any day.

Here’s some of my favourite dogs that I have looked after; I miss them all dearly!


Pepper the Cockapoo


Rolo the Cocker spanniel


Eidie the Labradoodle


Ernie the Sausage dog

Which pup was your favourite? Let me know!

It’s been an amazing experience and I wish I could have done it longer…I hope in the future I will have the chance to. Overall its helped me so much to learn about different breeds, develop patience and responsibility…as well as having the best fun and laughter with amazing and pure animals.

Want to have fun with animals?

Have a bit of spare time?

Sign up through this link!

Any other questions I haven’t answered, please pop in the comments or message me! I hope I’ve encouraged some of you to sign up…you won’t regret it!

Until next time


x x 

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