I recently went to Lanzarote with Mat, after a stressful and tiring final term at uni, it was so amazing to totally relax and do nothing for a while. Myself and Mat are soon to be working for a while to save up for travelling, so one last holiday together for a fair while seemed totally appropriate! I must say I think we chose an amazing hotel, it had great facilities and was in a perfect location, as well as being a generally great hotel in every other way. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we had an amazing week together, there’s never a dull moment with my Mat!

I thought that I’d combine two blog posts ideas into one, a what a wore and a what we did…because we didn’t do loads of activities everyday! I’m not going to show you everything I wore everyday, I’m just going to talk you through my favourite things that I wore. One of my favourite things about going away is the ability to wear actual summer clothes, I love getting dressed up in the evening and feeling good, wearing new clothes and not having to wear a huge, outfit-spoiling jacket with it! Every evening I’d put on something really summery, but because of the time of year we went, it was fairly chilly in the evenings so I ended up wearing one of two jumpers I’d brought with me most evenings!

Although admittedly I did spend a fair while looking for new holiday clothes, I felt really uninspired by all the online brands and even things that I did like the look of online, really let me down when they arrived. Therefore most of the things you see in this blog post will be clothes from previous years…I didn’t want to buy new clothes I wasn’t totally satisfied with just for the sake of a blog post, so I’m being imaginative instead! I must add that I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by Primark this year. I often find myself going in and having to be really strict with myself to prevent myself from buying the whole shop, definitely have a look in, it’s the place I’ve bought most of my summer clothes this year! Finally, If any of the clothes I show are still for sale, I’ll be sure to add the links in incase you like them yourself, enjoy reading!

1. Our first night


Theres always something so exciting about your first night on holiday, you’re all excited for the week ahead and you have that amazing feeling of knowing you’re no where near the end of your trip. You have a week/2 weeks to play with and you can walk past loads of restaurants and bars and agree ‘we’ll go there one night’, theres so many possibilities and everyones in an amazing mood! I must say food is something me and Mat really have in common, and it was a key part of our holiday, no shame! I’d been really healthy for a long time before my holiday in preparation so I was ready to embark on a week of indulgent eating, pass me the crisps!!! We ate at some really lovely restaurants, so I’ll include any I think would be particularly worthwhile visiting.

I originally bought this pink denim skirt so I could wear it with its matching jacket, but I’ve found this skirt great for almost any top, its so versatile and was so fairly priced too, I’ll link it with the rest of the outfit!





Necklace (Similar)


Bag – Primark last year! Similar here:


2. My Favourite bikini


I’m not one for really fancy bikinis or swimming costumes, I don’t want all the weird tan lines! So this bikini was perfect for me, as well as being the perfect style for my body shape, I love the high-waisted bikini bottoms!


3. My Favourite dress and heels


I totally stole this dress from my lovely friend Lucy, she looked amazing in it so I copied…she definitely looked better! I really love stone coloured dresses at the moment, and off the shoulder anything is totally my vibe! I’m in love with these wedges, I can’t work out whether wedges are a thing of the past, but to be honest I’m not bothered either way, who does want the extra height and leg extension without the pain of a stiletto heel? Also can I just draw attention to this marble staircase, all of the hotel was so Instagramable.



4. My Favourite morning


This morning was AMAAAZING, it was a little bit cloudy so we rented bikes and rode along the coastal path to the airport. We watched planes take off and land and it was so much fun, we stopped half way back and got a slush puppy and played mini golf, of which I won at, it was a perfect morning!

Playsuit – babymilk clothing a couple of years ago, its perfect for holidays for over your bikini’s.


5. My Favourite clothing purchase of the summer


Can I first just apologise for how weird I look in these two photos, I thought I’d put on some ‘darker than dark’ fake tan on to try and catch up with Mat, it went horrifically and I washed it all off in less than half an hour…safe to say I left that fake-tan in Lanzarote, it turned me green!

Anyway, this is by far my favourite purchase of the summer so far. It was from Primark and cost £10! I think its absolutely gorgeous, I’ve always wanted the famous Victoria Secret pink striped pyjamas and a robe but I can’t justify the price tag, so when I found this, I was thrilled. It was such a gorgeous dusky pink and was so silky, wearing it made me feel like a little princess and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Obviously I can’t provide a link for it, but heres a similar one

This evening we ate at a lovely curry house…sounds odd when you’re on holiday but it was so yummy, it was called Mumbai and I think they have a few in Lanzarote, I just wish the portions were bigger (yes, I am greedy).

6. A lovely restaurant


I’ve had so many compliments on this Playsuit, it was from Boohoo last year. It was one of those items that I wasn’t expecting much from when I ordered it, but it’s been so great for so many different occasions, its so summery and cute – I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to find a link for it but if I’ve been successful I’ll add it in here. 

This evening we went for an Italian, Mat had read some great reviews and I was really excited for some really great homemade pasta! We were the only people in there at half past 7, its hard not to feel sorry for people when they have no one in their restaurant. But they were on the second floor and didn’t have anyone (annoyingly) trying to get you to eat there. It was ran by a family and it was absolutely lovely, with an amazing view of the beach and sea, it unsurprisingly quickly filled up with customers. Myself and Mat shared bruschetta most days and this was definitely the best we had all week, fresh ingredients and mmm just great. The restaurant was called La Lanterna, definitely give it a visit if you’re in the area, so fairly priced as well.

Other photos from our amazing week, I hope you enjoy this weeks read!



Now it’s time to work and earn some dollar to fund our biggest travels yet, I can’t wait! Thanks for another fab holiday and thanks for making me sooo happy Mat xxx

Until next time


x x 


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