My Dog Buddy Experience

If you are one of many who think 'why does Megan always have dogs in her house?' then this is the blog post for you! I literally get questions all the time about it, why? How? When? I am going to answer all of these in here! I'm going to add in some tips here … Continue reading My Dog Buddy Experience

Festival season

Festival season is now upon us, it's really one of my favourite times of the year and I'm so happy that the time has come again! Not only do I love this season because it means there are loads of great events on, but it means high-street brands bring in all their funky clothing! I … Continue reading Festival season

My recent trip to New York

If you read my recent blog post about my New York outfits, then you’ll already be aware that I went to New York with my dad and Mat last month over the Easter break (if you haven't, take a read). Going away with my dad and Mat is so much fun, we all bounce off … Continue reading My recent trip to New York