Starting a YouTube channel

I've never really known whether everyone wants to do YouTube and thinks they'd really enjoy it or whether I'm different for feeling that way. What I do know is that I've wanted to do it for such a long time, I've always had so many ideas, so much interest in YouTube's and YouTube in general. … Continue reading Starting a YouTube channel

My 22nd birthday in Sri Lanka

I was pretty sad to see the end of my 21st year of life. 21 was the age I always wanted to be, being so young but also being seen as an adult and being totally free and Independent. I was all of those things and whilst not much would change from being 22 as … Continue reading My 22nd birthday in Sri Lanka

The price of traveling the world

Some of my most commonly asked questions I get about my travels besides "when are you coming home?" are "how much does it cost?" "how much did you save?" And I can see why. Money really is the biggest limitation people face when it comes to traveling for an extended period of time. I'd have … Continue reading The price of traveling the world

A brutally honest review of Bali

I'm fairly confident that almost all of my readers will have heard of the holiday destination Bali. It's become one of the biggest holiday destinations for both Europeans and Australians, with millions upon millions of people flooding there every year. As I sat in the chair at my hairdressers before I came away, I told … Continue reading A brutally honest review of Bali

South east Asia backpacking route

I thought that this week I'd share the route that we have been taking so's literally been a perfect route in my opinion, all thanks to Mat who has literally mapped out all of amazing is he! So far we've enjoyed jungles, beaches, forests, cities and everything in between. If anyone reading is … Continue reading South east Asia backpacking route

How to make your money last longer whilst travelling

Myself and Mat came away with the intention of wanting to travel and live/work in Australia for a combined total of a year. But since coming away we have realised that we want to be able to travel for as long as we can, mainly because we will never be as free as we are … Continue reading How to make your money last longer whilst travelling

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Whilst I'm undeniably having the best time of my life traveling with my best friend and boyfriend, it's not always sunshine and rainbows and I'll never pretend that it is. So many of my friends tell me how jealous they are and how lucky I am, and whilst I will accept I am incredibly lucky … Continue reading The good, the bad, and the ugly

My surprise

We were heading to Koh Lanta, our final stop in the South of Thailand, which by the way there is a blog post about our time in Thailand part 2 coming soon. Mats out pretty great at planning things/working out the logistics for our trip...I should definitely do it more but he's just so good! … Continue reading My surprise

My ‘beauty’ routine whilst traveling

My friend Lizzie asked me what my beauty regime was since being away and we both realised it would be a great blog post. It's totally something I questioned before coming out here and would have loved to have read, it certainly would have been useful to read and would have saved me a lot … Continue reading My ‘beauty’ routine whilst traveling