Starting a YouTube channel

I've never really known whether everyone wants to do YouTube and thinks they'd really enjoy it or whether I'm different for feeling that way. What I do know is that I've wanted to do it for such a long time, I've always had so many ideas, so much interest in YouTube's and YouTube in general. … Continue reading Starting a YouTube channel

My experience with the Fashion Retail Academy

I'm really keen on a career in fashion PR or Marketing, but it's something I only became aware of/started to want to do when I was half way through my degree in Philosophy. Whilst I've absolutely zero regrets about uni and the degree choices I made, I thought that it would be good to get … Continue reading My experience with the Fashion Retail Academy

How I got on with my 2018 goals

Seeing as it is New years eve tomorrow, and 2019 will officially begin in a couple days time, I thought that today would be the perfect time to reflect on the year I've had and to look at the goals I set myself for 2018 and how I got on with them. I encourage you … Continue reading How I got on with my 2018 goals


We're always in competition, be that with work colleagues, school classmates, friends, or even's totally exhausting and unhealthy. It's so easy to think that because someone has more money than you, or appears slimmer than you, that they're in some way luckier than you or that they're doing better than you. But there's always … Continue reading Competition


Happy Sunday to you all...the last Sunday of November now, it's soon to be December. Where has the year gone? It's been another great year on planet earth for me and I am really looking forward to properly reflecting on this year, what went well, and what didn't go so well...what I've learnt and what … Continue reading BLOGMAS

Tips for first time bloggers

Blogging is an extremely popular hobby; whether it's simply for something to do, a way to unwind, a way to interact with people all over the world, or simply just to strengthen your CV...the motivations for blogging are endless.Unfortunately so many people start blogs; write one or two and then never blog again, or go … Continue reading Tips for first time bloggers

My relationship…

                                ...With the gym! Okay, slight 'clickbait' going on here...but hey, seeing as you've popped over here, why don't you stick around for a while and read this weeks blog post anyway? I can't really believe that I'm sat here … Continue reading My relationship…

My Favourite Youtubers

I've been a youtube fan for a long time now, I'm talking Trisha Paytas circa 2011! I've always loved it, it's relaxing, entertaining, fun and the possibilities of what you can find and watch on there are endless. The people and things I've watched have changed throughout the years, with my interests changing as I … Continue reading My Favourite Youtubers

Virgin hot air balloon ride

I am SO happy that I can finally write this blog post. I love to pre-plan my blog posts and therefore I had this title sat in my 'scheduled posts' for so long...9 months to be exact! This hot air balloon experience was a gift of Mat for christmas and despite our absolutely amazing summer … Continue reading Virgin hot air balloon ride