Starting a YouTube channel

I've never really known whether everyone wants to do YouTube and thinks they'd really enjoy it or whether I'm different for feeling that way. What I do know is that I've wanted to do it for such a long time, I've always had so many ideas, so much interest in YouTube's and YouTube in general. … Continue reading Starting a YouTube channel

Why I stopped shaving my thighs

Have you ever forced yourself to shave your legs because you're going out or wearing a dress? Have you ever seen a woman with hair on her legs and thought 'ew she has hairy legs?' From the age of 12 shaving my legs has been the bane of my life. As soon as you have … Continue reading Why I stopped shaving my thighs

My ‘beauty’ routine whilst traveling

My friend Lizzie asked me what my beauty regime was since being away and we both realised it would be a great blog post. It's totally something I questioned before coming out here and would have loved to have read, it certainly would have been useful to read and would have saved me a lot … Continue reading My ‘beauty’ routine whilst traveling

Taking some ‘me time’

Travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend/close friend or family member is great; you're totally comfortable around one another, you know each other so well and you'll more than likely have lots in common. I know for certain I would not be enjoying my travels half as much if I was traveling alone/without Mat, and not only because … Continue reading Taking some ‘me time’

My Moon Cup

I'm really keen to write this post, to get rid of the 'period shame' that's so apparent in our society. Since when did it become okay to make women feel embarrassed or disgusting for having a period. FYI, eggs are quite literally chicken's period, and you quite literally would not exist if it were not … Continue reading My Moon Cup

Winter Skincare Routine

This is my second ever beauty related blog post woo! With these months of the year, for the UK, comes cold weather. The wind, the rain, the low temperatures, it all has an effect on our skin. This time of year it's more important than ever to make sure you keep your skin hydrated and … Continue reading Winter Skincare Routine

LUSH christmas range review/favourites

I'd planned on going to Lush and trying out some of their Christmas range; with it being vegan and incredibly yummy...I was looking forward to it. But I'm going to be completely honest, I'd planned on buying the Lush products on the same day that I bought my things for my Operation Christmas Child shoebox … Continue reading LUSH christmas range review/favourites

My Fake tan routine

A good friend of mine recently gave me the suggestion of writing a blog post about my fake-tan routine because apparently it looks good! I really appreciate any suggestions/ideas for blog posts, because it means that people genuinely are interested about what I have to say and also it makes writing even more enjoyable because I feel … Continue reading My Fake tan routine