How I got on with my 2018 goals

Seeing as it is New years eve tomorrow, and 2019 will officially begin in a couple days time, I thought that today would be the perfect time to reflect on the year I’ve had and to look at the goals I set myself for 2018 and how I got on with them.

I encourage you to do the same, what did you achieve? How did you achieve it? What didn’t you manage to do? Why was that? What goals will you take forward with you through 2019 and which will you leave behind in 2018?

So on the 7th of January I wrote a blog post about my goals for 2018 (you can read the full blog post by clicking on the title), and they were;

  1. Stop comparing myself to others, and try not to think negatively, when I start to worry, doubt, or think negatively, I want to challenge those thoughts with positive, defeat the negative!
  2. Tighten up my veganism, theres not much else more beneficial for both the mind and body than Veganism!
  3. Read more, I want to allow myself at least half an hour every evening where it’s my time to do nothing but read for a while.
  4. Keep blog writing, it makes me happy and I love making others happy through it too.
  5. Engage with new people
  6. Start working out again, I fell in love with it April time last year and stuck with it for a few months and then got “too busy”, make time and make it part of my everyday routine – if you want to do it, you WILL find time.
  7. This is a fairly odd one, but stop using pre-made sauces from jars, make your own Megan! I want to be in complete control of everything that enters my body, it’s sheer laziness that I use jars, but theres really no need. I want to cook from scratch 95% of the time.
  8. Visit my Donkey (Mat adopted me a Donkey for christmas, he’s called BILLY O) at least once a month!
  9. Make my bed every morning, I’m generally pretty good at this anyway, but if I’m in a rush or not feeling well I tend to let it slip.
  10. Drink more water, start the day with a big glass. I’m so awful at drinking water, I’m rarely thirsty, Julie (Mats mum) bought me an amazing water bottle, but I’ve been neglecting it recently, so I’m bringing it back out the cupboard!

So, let’s start with number one…stop comparing myself to others. I have to say I’m actually pretty proud of how far I’ve come with that this year, I definitely feel the most comfortable in my skin I’ve ever felt, with the odd down day that I’m not afraid to admit. I feel like I’m gradually starting to truly love myself, and slowly but surely my silly insecurities are starting to fade…but it’s a journey not a race, and you definitely can’t just stop doing this over night, so it was a bit of a silly one to start with! However in terms of progression, I’m definitely succeeding with doing it less, which is amazing in my opinion. I’ll definitely be carrying on with this in 2019, I’ll be carrying on with this goal until I reach total satisfaction with who I am.

Number two, tighten up my veganism. This one has totally happened this year, I feel more aware than ever about the benefits of veganism and I feel totally happy about my lifestyle and food choices. Veganism isn’t just about what you eat, it’s what you use, wear, and everything in between. I’ve done so much research about what products to use and how important it is to make sure the make up I use, the body wash and other toiletries I buy, are also vegan…I haven’t bought a single piece of make-up or skincare this year that isn’t totally vegan and cruelty free…how great! It’s been so easy, there are so many big name brands out there that are vegan, just do your research. Even if you don’t feel like going vegan food wise is for you right now, why not make a difference in a different way? Using only vegan make up and skin care still does so much for the vegan movement, and won’t inconvenience you at all. Going traveling I think being vegan will be easier than ever, all the asian food…I can’t wait! My only concern is buying replacement toiletries and not being able to know/check whether they’re vegan and cruelty free, so I’m planning on trying to bring travel friendly vegan toiletries with me that will last a long time and wont mean I need to replace many toiletries.

Number three, reading more. This definitely happens just fine when I’m on my holidays, and I definitely did enough reading for tutorials and essays whilst I was still at uni, but with regards to outside of uni and holidays…I was not successful with this one. Once I get stuck into a book, I can’t put it down, but I really want to make sure that I make a good effort next year to actively find new books to read…because it’s good for the brain and soul! I’ve got a holiday in a couple of days and I’m really looking forward to reading a couple. I’ve also just set a reminder for myself everyday at 9:30 where I will read for half an hour each evening…Updates to follow.

Number four, keep blogging. We all know that I’ve more than succeeded in this one. I’m so proud of myself and my little blog, nearly having 9,000 hits and being read worldwide. I took part in blogmas and didn’t miss a single post, I thoroughly enjoyed it and to be totally honest, I’m really missing it! Blogging really is my passion and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, so yes…this one was a SUCCESS!

Number five, engage with new people. I definitely achieved this one this year, working these past couple of months I’ve made so many new friends and just generally engaged with so many new people I wouldn’t have met had I not worked at Zara. I’m generally pretty confident when meeting new people but this has definitely helped with that, I went from not knowing anyone, to leaving people who I was totally comfortable and myself around, making actual genuine friendships in a couple of months…excellent! I also did some work experience in Summer where I engaged with new people…in the serious working world! They were such lovely people and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them, I was pretty apprehensive before doing it, worrying about both my social skills and my actual abilities in the working world. I think I made a good impression and got on with everyone so well, I was super proud of myself for that week, it might not seem like a lot to some people, but a definite achievement for myself….plus I’d love to work with them again in the future. Going forward I’m sure that whilst me and Mat are on our travels, we will meet so many new people, apparently it’s totally different out there, everyone speaks to everyone and people are so friendly…I can’t wait!

Number six, working out. I definitely achieved that this year and got into a great routine for a while…but again, life got in the way, I had a bad allergic reaction which kept me out the gym for 3 weeks and then I struggled to get back into it for 2 weeks. After a too long of a break, I felt so ready to get back into it, with finishing work I knew I’d have so much free time to go whenever I wanted and really be consistent with it again. However, my car broke and is now stuck 100 miles away where Mat lives, now it’s harder than ever to get to the gym and to be honest it’s really got me down. But I’m really looking forward to my holiday in a couple of days, they do loads of classes, have a great gym and I think it’ll  be just what I need…I’m going to force myself to take total advantage of it.

Number seven, stop using pre-made sauces…first of all, Dear past Megan…what a weird thing to put on your goals. But nevertheless I’m pretty good at this, except for today where I used a shop bought sauce that was in the cupboard, but this year I’ve made curries, chillies, Bolognese’s, soups, risottos…everything, all from scratch, so another success I would say. I don’t think I’ll be doing too much cooking during my travels, but I will make a big effort to ensure that if I do…I will be cooking from scratch!

Number eight, visiting my donkey Billy O. This one sorta makes my heart hurt, because besides a couple of visits, we definitely didn’t achieve that this year. He does however have loads of sponsors and won’t have gone without visitors, but still, a definite fail from me! Being in Leicester from May onwards really made visiting him difficult, what a shame!

Number nine, make my bed every morning. OOOPSY! I mean, at uni I made it everyday, but being back home and leaving home for those 9am or 7am starts really just gave me an excuse to be lazy with my bedding! It’s something I really hope to grow out of and eventually making my bed becomes part of my routine, your room looks so much messier when your bed isn’t made and it takes seconds, there really isn’t any excuse. Whilst I’ve been at home after finishing at work I think I’ve made it every day bar maybe one day, so it really shows that I’m better when I have more time. I’m not sure what my living situation will be like whilst I’m traveling, whether we will be constantly moving from hostel to hostel or whether we will be staying in a hostel for a couple of days…if it’s the latter, I promise to make my hostel bed every day (oh god the thought of living in hostels for a year…breathe Megan breathe).

And finally, number ten, drink more water. A definite fail. I really do hate that I just don’t drink enough, it’s not part of my routine or subconscious behaviour and I really need to work on this one more than anything. Water is genuinely the answer the everything and drinking water whilst traveling will be more important than ever this year. I find that the more I drink, the thirstier I get, so I’m going to try so hard this year, I really hope that when I’m reflecting on my 2019, that I will be saying I succeeded in this one.

So what about you? How did you get on with your goals? What new ones do you have?

Until next time,


x x 

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