Why I love Christmas

Merry christmas! The big day has finally come, and by the time this blog post goes live, the big day will be mostly done, the presents will have been opened, the big meal will have been eaten, and right now I’m probably in a food coma and playing pass the sprout with my wonderful family. However you’re spending your christmas day, I hope it’s amazing, I hope it’s filled with happiness and love.

Obviously to do something like blogmas, where I’m committing to writing everyday for 25 days, where each blog is predominantly about christmas, I must pretty like christmas. For me it really is the most magical time of the year and it’s one that I always look forward to and welcome back every year. But why do I like it so much?

For one, it’s a time where everyone spends time together. No one has work (except Mat, sorry about that Mat), everyone comes together to the same place at the same time…often all cramped in one room and with too many people on just one sofa. With everyone doing their own jobs, their own studies or just generally living in different places in the country, to all come together for christmas is just great. Everyone will generally finish work and have enough time off before going back to really sink in to the relaxation zone, where you forget about work and really enjoy your time off. Instead of worying about deadlines or meetings, you’re worrying about how you’re going to fit in watching all of the christmas tv specials and films that you’ve seen in the TV TIMES. We’re all experiencing the same christmas buzz together, eating yummy food and in great moods, it’s the only time of year where everyone just sees their families and it’s time for them and no one else!

One of the best parts of christmas for me, has to be that we eat great food. Whilst I’d planned to eat clean for a good few weeks leading up to christmas, when the middle of November comes, everyone becomes feeders…so the clean eating possibility just went out the window. But at christmas time it doesn’t matter, because everyones doing the same, we’re all in indulging, we’re all sharing a love and appreciation for good food, and besides, we need the extra insulation for the cold weather…right?

Everyone comes together and plays silly games, or serious games, where people get frustrated when they lose or bicker with other people about being sure that their answer is right. However you do the christmas games, they’ll be full of laughter and enjoyment…definitely one of my favourite parts about christmas.

What I love is seeing everyone get excited. Christmas isn’t just for children, we all get excited about the prospect of christmas being around the corner, a few days before my dad gets (even more) chirpier, there’s more silliness and more singing…because the christmas buzz is infectious. No matter what age, giving and receiving gifts, eating a big meal, spending time with family, is exciting for everyone…period!

I love christmas because everyone does it differently…everyone eats at different times, watches a different christmas film religiously every christmas eve, or plays different games, but the excitement is universal…and that’s what I truly love about christmas.

I’d love to know what your favourite part about christmas is?

I’m so sad to say and also can’t quite believe I’m saying it what feels like so soon, but this will be the last blogmas post. It’s been the most amazing little thing to do and I am SO proud of myself for doing it and not missing a single day. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed bringing out christmas ‘content’ for my blog and I’ve had such a wonderful December. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed some of my blogs, and that I might have in some way, contributed or intensified your christmas excitement this year… that was my aim! Do you have a favourite blogmas post? I’d love to know. But anyway, I’ll definitely be taking part in blogmas again, but for now, bye bye! See you all on Sunday for another blog as part of my normal blog schedule.

Until next time,


x x 

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