My goals for 2018

Let’s start off by saying happy new year! I really hope that 2018 brings you happiness, health, experiences, opportunities and all else that you wish for. I hope we all exercise authority over our own lives, creating the life that we want to live. I am aware that there will be lots of people who are wanting to make massive lifestyle changes, cutting away all their bad habits and making drastic changes, so I thought it was a great time to share with you the changes I will be making.

Whilst I am all for fresh starts, second chances and positive new beginnings, I want my new years resolutions to be realistic and achievable. Therefore, I want to make subtle changes, since I find them more likely to stick.

I’m all for change, and I know that if I were to stick to it, it would be great to pledge to entirely give up junk food, or to go running everyday. However, I’m going to avoid the disappointment and guilt that I would inevitably experience mid-way through January (or earlier) when I break my unrealistic (for me) resolutions. Instead of resolutions, I want to make small, but effective lifestyle changes, making them alterations to the way I life permanently, as opposed to tasks that I’m obliged to fulfil.

You don’t have to change a lot to make a difference, and I’m always looking for new ways to improve my health, both mental and physical. I want this year to be about me achieving happiness, contentment, and confidence, so the list of changes you will see comprised in this blog post, are hopefully going to serve that purpose.

I’m not sure if I’ll do it for each goal, but when I see it fit, I’ll briefly explain my reasoning. I hope all reading have had a magical christmas and new year, shared with loved ones making happy memories, I know it’s what I was lucky enough to experience.

I want my mindset around these changes to be positive, to remind myself that I am doing this because I want to, not because I have to. So these changes are easy, consistent and I’m sure the rewards I’ll reap from doing them will keep me motivated.

  1. Stop comparing myself to others, and try not to think negatively, when I start to worry, doubt, or think negatively, I want to challenge those thoughts with positive, defeat the negative!
  2. Tighten up my veganism, theres not much else more beneficial for both the mind and body than Veganism!
  3. Read more, I want to allow myself at least half an hour every evening where it’s my time to do nothing but read for a while.
  4. Keep blog writing, it makes me happy and I love making others happy through it too.
  5. Engage with new people
  6. Start working out again, I fell in love with it April time last year and stuck with it for a few months and then got “too busy”, make time and make it part of my everyday routine – if you want to do it, you WILL find time.
  7. This is a fairly odd one, but stop using pre-made sauces from jars, make your own Megan! I want to be in complete control of everything that enters my body, it’s sheer laziness that I use jars, but theres really no need. I want to cook from scratch 95% of the time.
  8. Visit my Donkey (Mat adopted me a Donkey for christmas, he’s called BILLY O) at least once a month!
  9. Make my bed every morning, I’m generally pretty good at this anyway, but if I’m in a rush or not feeling well I tend to let it slip.
  10. Drink more water, start the day with a big glass. I’m so awful at drinking water, I’m rarely thirsty, Julie (Mats mum) bought me an amazing water bottle, but I’ve been neglecting it recently, so I’m bringing it back out the cupboard!

I personally think 10 is enough, I’m sure I will add in some here and there, but this is a start and I’m so pleased with all my choices. These are all such manageable tasks, easy to achieve but I know will not only bring me a sense of satisfaction for achieving them, but the actual impact achieving them will have on my mind, body and life is immense, what more motivation do I need?!

I’d love to know what changes you’re making in 2018, maybe we have some in common?

With its ups and its downs, 2017 was an amazing year for me on the whole. I definitely feel ready to start this new year, new term at uni, and see what 2018 brings.

Until next time


x x 

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