Good places to shop Online for Christmas presents

Not everyone’s up for heading into town and spending hours looking for gifts for people, especially if you work throughout the week and you only have the weekend to shop, all the people, the cramped shops and the long waits in the queues. For a lot of us now, shopping online is the way forward, you can do it from the comfort of your own home and in your pyjamas, what’s not to love?

I thought that if you were like me, you’d appreciate a list of some great places to pick up christmas gifts online and what you’re likely to find in such places. I’ve linked every website so you can head straight there if you like the sound of it!

ASOS – it really does sell it all, clothes, shoes, make up, home wear. It also has a great points system where you get points for every pound you spend, meaning that you when you spend a certain amount, you get money back in the form of gift vouchers, that you can use on any transaction of any amount and in conjunction with any other discount codes you may have…amazing! They also offer unlimited next day delivery for £10, which is great considering next day delivery is generally about £5, so after two transactions, you’ve made the use of your money! It’s great for those last minute shoppers.

Groupon – a great idea for people who don’t need anything, but would love an experience. You can’t find so much on this website, from trips up the shard, to one on one walks with alpaca’s, you’re bound to find something for everyone on this website.

John Lewis  – The best place for gifts. They sell candles, hampers, gift sets, and all the luxury brands you can think of. They’re also a great place get electrical, with their brand match and included guarantee’s…I’d trust John Lewis with any christmas gift!

Beauty Bay – great for someone who loves skincare or make up. They sell almost every brand under the sun on this website and for great prices too. They often do discounts and sales so they’re a good one to use if you’re looking to save some pennies. If you’re looking for hard to get brands from the US, this is the website for you, check them out!

Amazon – nothing beats it. They genuinely do sell absolutely everything, from coffee beans, to bicycles…you need it, they’ll have it. They also offer amazing amazon prime membership where you can get your items next day if ordered on a week day before a certain time (the time escapes me) or even the SAME DAY?! If ordered before 12pm…what the ?!!? I ordered something just today as I’m writing this, I’ll definitely come back and edit this blog to let you all know whether I actually received the item the same day as I ordered it.

Ebay – selling anything you can think off, from the official sellers themselves and from discount stores and other genuine sellers selling things second hand. Why not buy something that’s brand new and never used but for half the price? Just be careful with fakes from this website, especially with beauty products! One last thing, they’re doing a 15% off selected lines with the code POST15, so check them out!

What’s your favourite website to buy christmas presents from?

Until tomorrow,


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