How to have a vegan christmas dinner

What’s christmas without a big old 3 course meal?! It’s not christmas, that’s what! With Christmas just round the corner, most people will be starting to make preparations or at least thinking about the big day. With the common christmas dinner including things like turkey, yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese and creamy leaks…a vegan christmas dinner might sound impossible.  This blog post if for you vegans who are hosting this year, or are being hosted and want to help someone know how to ‘veganise’ the christmas dinner, or for you who might be hosting christmas dinner this year and you have a vegan attending…whoever you are, I’m here for you.

One of the main misconceptions of veganism is that it takes loads more time, effort and money than the non vegan versions. Whilst in some cases this is the truth, for the christmas dinner, it’s not the case. With a few simple and inexpensive ingredient swaps, and without a sacrifice of flavour, all vegans and non-vegans can enjoy a plant-based christmas dinner with ease. I also know that not everyone will be able to cook all 3 courses and sometimes you just want an easy option, so for that reason, in this blog I am going to share 2 ways to have a vegan roast dinner, one with the vegan recipes if you want to home-cook everything, and then the other way, where I will provide shop-bought alternatives to all three courses of a vegan christmas dinner. The vegan demand is growing so much and so quickly that these days, it’s so easy to buy vegan food in supermarkets…christmas food is no exception!

One of the main things that frustrates me about vegan alternative recipes are the need for unheard of ingredients that you have to spend lots of money on, so I’ve made sure that (with the exception of the cauliflower cheese) every recipe I show in this blog post uses only general house-hold ingredients that you will more than likely have in your cupboards already.


  • Starter

A few options here – stuffed peppers, Recipe here

I personally don’t think you can beat Bruschetta, I’d slightly add to the recipe by using a bit of pesto! Recipe here 

A hearty soup, love the sound of this one, spiced parsnip! Recipe here

  • Main

Yorkshire puddings – replacing the egg with aquafiba and using dairy free alternatives to the butter and milk part! Recipe here

Creamy leeks – Just use dairy free cream and butter for these…easy! I pick up my dairy free cream and butter from any supermarket but ASDA is especially great and affordable.

‘Meat’ alternative – nut roast! Very few ingredients needed and super healthy. Recipe here

Cauliflower cheese – a little bit more effort needed, but nothing too ridiculous. Recipe here

Crispy Roast potatoes – Recipe here 

  • Dessert

Sticky Toffee Pudding

You’ll have to wait for the recipe for this one, I’m going to be making it for a blog post in the next few days, so stay tuned and keep an eye out, but it’s going to be AMAZING!


Now that I’ve shown recipes for all 3 courses, here’s a few options for all three courses from the supermarkets. If you click on the options it will take you directly to the super markets website!

  • Starter

Mediterranean sharing platter

Roasted sweet potato and red onion parcels 

Butternut squash soup

  • Main

Linda Mcartney beef roast

Tesco Finest Cauliflower Wellington

Linda Mcartney sausages are a perfect ‘meat’ substitute for me though, you just can’t beat those saussages…absolutely divine.

  • Dessert

One of the best ones I’ve found has to be Waitrose chocolate torte. They’re is so much fuss about these at the moment, and after trying them recently…now i know why. they’re incredible, they’re indulgent, decadent and extremely christmas dinner worthy…all would be totally satisfied with this as a desert, even the non-vegans. Serve it with some fresh fruit and some vegan cream…incredible

Red velvet brownie

Serve with some vegan ice cream 

I can’t wait!!

What part of christmas dinner are you most looking forward to?

Until tomorrow,


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