Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are by far one of the best parts of christmas, they’re all over the country and they’re all different. They’re a one way ticket to festivity and christmas buzz, I love them! I wanted to try and go to a few this year but I’ve really not had loads of time with working and other plans, but I’m really hoping to be able to go to a couple more before christmas rolls around…what market do you recommend the most that’s nearish Leicester?

Right at the end of November my dad and I went to Chatsworth house. They do a christmas market that’s totally free to go to, you just pay for parking (which is £10). It’s such a great day out and you could spend absolutely ages walking around every stall, they had over a hundred stalls all selling totally different things…food…christmas decorations…cards…anything you could think of, they will sell it!

We had a really nice long walk around, I think we peered into every stall at least a couple of times, making sure we hadn’t missed anything. I think it has to be the most extensive christmas market I’ve been too, I couldn’t believe how big it was! They had live bands playing in a few different sections, so many different food options (unfortunately nothing vegan except soup and fudge), and so many different stalls that sold beautiful gifts. I think you could go there and buy almost everything you needed to fully kit out your house for christmas, buying all your decorations and presents from there.

Here’s a few photos from our day out

I’ve heard that Chatsworth house is absolutely incredible inside too, although it’s £25 per person which, on top of the £10 parking, makes it a fairly expensive day out. But you absolutely do not need to go inside the house to feel the magic, but I think it would be a great present idea to pay for someone and a friend to go…I’d absolutely love to receive that (although it’s more of a gift you’d have to give someone before christmas so that they can visit the house during the christmas run up).

After lots of careful consideration of what little item I’d leave with, I eventually decided that a christmas-scented candle was the perfect choice. There were so many candle stands but I found one which were all handmade by a man called Clive, he knew so much about candles in general and even more about his own candles, he was able to tell me excactly what went into the candles I was smelling and how to perfectly burn a candle. I eventually went for a candle called …. and i’m super happy with my choice. I plan on burning it today!

It really kickstarted December off perfectly for me, the christmas music, christmas lights, christmas stalls…it’s everything that’s great about christmas. Because of how much I loved it, when mat came to visit this week I was certain I wanted to go to another market, so we opted for Birmingham. I’d seen some friends go a couple of weeks ago and it looked lovely, unfortunately when myself and Mat went, it was tipping it down with rain, ALL day…which really is the best way to ruin the magic of a christmas market. There were no more than 5 other people walking around the market, with sad looking market stall owners standing next to their salt lamps and their frankfurter sausages, and a singer singing ‘I love my life’ to no audience…not what I’d imagined. But I know that for sure on a different and less damp day, it would have been lovely.

We made the most of what was a fairly sad market on that particular day, we walked around it a couple of times, got a donut each but then eventually decided to call it a day and head back inside to the safety and warmth of the bullring shopping centre. I’m due to go to London tomorrow and we’re planning on going to Winter Wonderland, and I’m certain that no rain can dampen that festive glory!

If you haven’t yet been to a christmas market, definitely do so. They’re absolutely everywhere and (after checking the weather forecast beforehand) they’re certain to get you in to the christmas mood.

Here’s a few markets I’ve heard/know are good;

– Manchester

– York

– Bath

– Leeds

– London

Which is your favourite Christmas market to visit?

Until tomorrow,


x x

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