Festive playlist

What’s the christmas countdown without a festive playlist? I’ve been seeing my friends listening to christmas playlists on Spotify and every year I try to find one that suits my taste’s perfectly, but they always contain new pop stars versions of songs. Whilst I can appreciate their talent and their efforts, it’s just not my cup of tea. I want a playlist full of all the original songs, all the really good ones that have been played year after year forever. I thought I’d take matters into my own hands this year, because I wanted a playlist that I could play anytime and enjoy anytime, not have to press ‘skip’ once, and know the tune to all songs. I’m happy to say I’ve achieved exactly that with this playlist, I’ve gotten all the way through it a good few times now and enjoyed it equally as much every time.

When the music comes on in stores, in restaurants and pubs…that’s when you know the christmas season has begun. I like to bring out the christmas music early and whenever I can. I have real fond memories of driving home from visiting donkeys last year with mat, playing the christmas music too loud driving Mat mat with my singing …I’m sure he enjoyed it really.

Anyway, for any of you who feel the same as me about christmas music, here’s the playlist I promised. It contains a song for everyone, by all different musicians. I’ve made the playlist on Spotify and made it public; here’s a link:  – you don’t need to have an account to listen/it can be listened to on just a web browser and you don’t need an account/need to sign up aka it’s free festivity! It’s just about long enough for a long car journey too, perfect for all in all occasions.

I’d love to expand the playlist but it’s an extremely exclusive playlist to be in, so don’t be disheartened if your song doesn’t make the cut…but please send in your requests none the less. What’s your favourite christmas song?

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Until tomorrow,


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