Christmas Wish List

Happy 11th of December!

Whilst this year all that I really could do with is some money for my soon approaching trip; that doesn’t stop a girl from window shopping right? I thought this blog post might also be helpful for people buying for someone of a similar age/with similar likes; or for you, thinking of a few things to put on your own christmas wish list. I don’t really like the idea of just telling people what to get and there being little thought gone into it or an element of surprise…but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of guidance!

This will be a relatively short list and therefore a short blog…so I’ve added in a few silly ones here and there to pack it out, although they’re by no means not valid christmas wishes!!

  1. A cockerpoo/Labradoodle/ Anything crossed with a poodle puppy.
  2. LUSH snow fairy body spray “spray if you believe in fairies” me: *SPRAY SPRAY* love that!
  3. Zara christmas dress how festive!! perfect for a christmas day OOTD
  5. 2 guinea pigs
  6. Nike cycle shorts
  7. A hamster
  8. Skinny dip washbag
  9. Skinny dip make up bag
  10. A Mercedes G-wagon
  11. For any gifts I receive to be wrapped in paper and string
  12. Tommy Hilfiger Tee
  13. A lifetime supply of eyelash extensions
  14. At home Gel nail set
  15. Any pet
  16. Le Creuset Mug / anything Le Creuset
  17. FuNkY PLT shorts
  18. To be able to take my dad to italy to watch Andrea Bocelli live in Tuscany (£3,000 per person…yikes)

What are you asking for this year?

Until tomorrow 🙂


x x 


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