My 21st Birthday

Sorry for the absence in the blog post last week, my intention was to write and get up this topic of blog post by the Sunday, not considering just how busy I would be during the week, it just wasn’t possible and I didn’t want to rush it and put out something I wasn’t totally happy with. I hope you don’t mind!

If for some reason you have managed to miss all my social media posts, you won’t know that it was my 21st birthday last week. It was easily one of the best weeks of my life and I wish I could do it all over again. Everyone made so much effort for me and really just allowed me to elongate my celebrations for as long as I could!

For this blog I’m just going to talk through the main things we did and if I ate anywhere special, for anyone who wants birthday celebration ideas or just wants a nose into what I got up to (I don’t blame you, I’m the same!) I’ll include links/photo’s where its relevant…enjoy!

The week started with a breakfast brunch with a few close friends, although I had my university graduation that day so my friends kindly agreed to meet for 9am in town for breakfast! After a yummy breakfast I had a quick turn around and then in the car to my graduation!

Graduation was the best addition to my birthday week, myself and Mat graduated within half an hour of each other so he managed to stream my graduation and see me walk on stage and collect my certificate. It was so lovely to leave my graduation and see him and his family there, it was also amazing to get to spend some quality time with my best friends from uni, I miss them so much already! After graduation myself, my family and Mat’s family headed down to Leicester for some dinner…the food was yummy and the mood amongst everyone was even better. Graduation was such a magical day and one that I will never forget, I felt so proud of myself, Mat and all my friends…I am SO sad uni is over.



The next day rolled over, it was time to get the train to London! We pulled in at the st Pancras and just walked along the platform to our hotel, also called the st Pancras! It’s such a beautiful hotel and it does an amazing breakfast spread too, my favourite meal of the day if it’s done properly! We dropped off our things and headed out, we went to a vegan restaurant I’d been meaning to go to for such a long time, we intended to go in New York but sadly ran out of time…so this meal was overdue! The place was called byChloe and it was the best vegan burger I’d ever had by far, it was good value for money as well as being a really cool place to eat in general, a definite must to check out when you’re in the city.


After lunch we went to the Saatchi gallery, it was free entry and it was so great, especially their exhibit on Nepal’s sex trade, it’s incredibly sad but definitely worth becoming aware of. From here we headed the cinema, a bit of a random thing to do in London but the incredibles 2 had just come out so it had to be done…right? We got some sweets beforehand and sat in reclining chairs, pigged out and a throughly enjoyed the film!


After a little bit of a disappointing meal at Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant, I was ready to get to sleep to wake up in a gorgeous hotel for MY BIRTHDAY!


We woke up and had an amazing breakfast at the hotel (oh BOY do they do a good spread), we went back to our rooms for Mat to have done a birthday treasure hunt for me (copy cat but I’m ok with it), the final clue led me to find a book with our flights to Thailand in there…we’re officially going travelling! I can’t wait to see the world with Mat and it was a total shock for him to surprise me with that, it all feels so real now.

After here, we headed to hands down the best crazy golf I’ve ever been to, called Swingers. I’ve got a little bit of a crazy golf obsession at the moment, it’s just so much fun, even if I don’t win it’s a guaranteed laugh! It has an ‘on-course bar’ with discounted drinks and if you book online in advance it’s only £10 each and they open a different course in the evening which looks even cooler (it has a helter-skelter) – don’t miss it!



For my birthday my wonderful dad has made a contribution to my travels as well as getting me a go pro to film all of our adventures. I really just didn’t see it fit to get a materialistic present like a bag or piece of jewellery. Whilst it would be nice to have something like that, it won’t add anything to my life, whereas a contribution to the biggest adventure of my life certainly will!

After having a walk around London, we made our way back to the hotel for our lunch time reservation. I could see Mat constantly texting someone on his phone. After a little bit of a strop from myself and an accusation or two later, I walked into the Marcus Wearing restaurant the Gilbert Scott, to receive by far the biggest surprise of my whole day! MATS FAMILY WERE IN THE RESTAURANT! I was so overwhelmed by the effort that everyone had made, not only them traveling down to spend the day with me, but to my dad and Mat for both thinking about the idea and organising it for me..I couldn’t hold the tears back. I really just see Mat’s family as family of my own now and I was just so happy that I could spend some of my birthday with them.


The meal was absolutely amazing, the service was amazing and the food was exquisite from start to finish, definitely one of the highlights of my whole week. After this amazing meal we headed to Islington which is where my dad lived a few years ago, it was a lovely day and we sat in a beer garden and enjoyed each others company some more. We parted ways from Mat’s family and ended my birthday in the best way I could think of, with a Mcdonalds veggie burger and chips…classy!

The next few days were a lot more chilled out but still so lovely. On the Friday myself and Mat met up with my step-dad Neil and we walked my favourite dog, Barney! On the Saturday and before I had to say another goodbye to Mat, we went to Wagamamas with my brother and his family..two of my favourite things! It’s always so lovely to see how my niece and nephew are progressing and changing…they’re always so much fun. I also love any excuse to eat the vegatsu, I’m always craving it and now I think I’m going to have to indulge it in sometime real soon again.

The final part of my birthday celebrations were spent with some of my closest friends from school. I had a few friends over for some yummy food and drinks, and here I found a love for hosting and putting on a ‘good spread’…let’s just say I can’t wait to be hosting my own dinner parties in the future! It was amazing to get everyone together, we all live in completely different areas of the country and are all so busy doing different things, so to have even a few hours together to just catch up and have some laughs together made my birthday!



I also loved all of my outfits during my birthday week so I thought I’d include a couple of photos here, they’re all clothes I’ve blogged about or worn in blogs before, but there were a couple of new dresses which made me feel absolutely fabulous. I’ll include where I got them all from incase you were wondering!


How stunning are my best friends! My dress was from ASOS but the vera moda concession, I love it!

You might recognise this from a blog post a while back, I had worn the skirt before but I was saving the jacket to wear with the skirt. I felt like a little barbie, I paired the denim co-ord with one of my favourite cute t-shirts, its a Brandy Melville one with a little flower embroidery on it.



The perfect birthday girl outfit! Re-wearing my pink denim jacket with a white Broderie smock dress and my vans…my style all over!


My final birthday outfit…I think there was an un-planned running pink theme throughout this week? I wore an iridescent sequin crop top with my favourite trousers of all time! My candy stripe pink culotte trousers are eye-catching, pink, comfy and gorgeous…and only £10 in the Topshop sale!

I really hope you enjoyed reading a little bit (ok, a lot) about what I got up to in my birthday week. It was by far one of if not the best weeks of my life, I’ll never ever forget it and I just feel so lucky that I was able to spend it with so many amazing people.

Until next time


x x 

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