After University

From the age of 11, you're prepared by your teachers for the GCSE exams you're going to sit. After this you prepare for your AS', then you're A2...all in the hopes of getting to a good uni and studying a subject you're fond of. You prepare for your first term at uni, making new friends, … Continue reading After University


I recently went to Lanzarote with Mat, after a stressful and tiring final term at uni, it was so amazing to totally relax and do nothing for a while. Myself and Mat are soon to be working for a while to save up for travelling, so one last holiday together for a fair while seemed totally … Continue reading Lanzarote

A Creative Slump

Whether you have noticed or not, there has been a significant lack of blog posts from me recently. I can't really explain why, I just think I've been in a sort of creative slump, hence the topic for today's post. I could have used the excuse of 'deadlines', but really, we can all make time, … Continue reading A Creative Slump