eBay Bargains

For a while now I’ve been seeing things online, ordering them and they’ve arrived with no labels or looking really familiar. I started thinking about whether it was because the companies I was buying them from, were buying them from wholesalers and merely selling them on from them to me, for double the price! I’ve always been an eBay queen, so I thought that I’d have a look on there to see if I was correct…I was!

Finding this out has completely changed the way I shop, and it’s great for saving a few pounds here and there. I wanted to share this little tip to all you bargain hunters out there, sharing is caring honey, what we buy online doesn’t always come directly from the label we’re buying from, remembering this and cutting out their part as the middle man can save you big buck$!

For this purpose of this blog post I’ve focused only on eBay, although I’m sure there are other websites available to do similar things, amazon for example! Just use your imagination! I’m going to show you a few of my favourite finds and if possible I will include an example of a brand re-selling for much more money…let me know if you recognise any of them and if there are any you’ve bought/we’re going to buy! Finally, as per links to all will be with the items.

The Balenciaga style trainers 


As seen on…


£40 (without delivery)


Another popular style of chunky trainer


As seen on…


£29.99 (Without delivery)


Faux leather metal loop chain belt


As seen on…




(I am aware they aren’t completely identical, I can’t find for the life of me the exact copy I had found…but this one is extremely similar!)

Sequin bandeau


As seen on…




Star top


As seen on…

DOLLS KILL (and many many many other places)



Sparkly sheer long sleeve top


As seen on…


Can’t find a photo of this on their website as I bought it myself last June (2017) but it was $25 dollars (about £19)…Here’s me in the Brandy Melville top…crazy similar huhhhh?!


Just a concluding comment, this is not to ‘shade’ other companies…it’s perfectly legal and it’s just companies trying to make money, but on the other side I am just a girl trying to save money for travelling…and I’m sure there are many of you in similar positions. You can enjoy high-street clothing without the overpricing, with a little imagination and effort!

Until next time


x x

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