Decadent hot chocolate recipe (vegan)

The winter weather we’ve been experiencing quite literally calls for hot chocolate, as a mere necessity in these cold and wet times. It’s such a pick me up and an instant tummy warmer. Unfortunately for me coffee shops don’t stock vegan whipped cream and marshmallows, so the option of picking one up during my lunch break or on the way to work isn’t possible…so I thought I’d take matters into my own hands.

For todays blogmas post, I wanted to share one of the staples in my diet at the moment, the decadent and extremely scrumptious hot chocolate. Whilst the ingredients and method might seem pretty obvious, I thought that sharing my recipe and my photos might encourage or remind some of you about the delight that is a hot chocolate, if that is the case for you, then you are welcome! Obviously this recipe would work just as well with non vegan ingredients, but I’m just reminding everyone that ANYTHING can be veganised.



  1. Cadbury hot chocolate (this yummy stuff is vegan would you believe it!? It’s so tasty that I often find myself adding it to things that I really shouldn’t be adding it to, pancake batter…porridge…or even just onto a teaspoon heading directly to my mouth!).
  2. Vegetarian marshmallows – this was such a find, vegan marshmallows might not be hard to come by these days, but they are expensive! Well, all of this changed for me a few weeks ago, I was scrolling through vegan instagrams, where people basically post all the vegan foods they’ve found in shops in the UK. I stumbled across someone who had posted a bag of 300g of vegan marshmallows, for 79p?! WOW, I’ll take 5. That’s seriously a bargain compared to the £3.50 bag of 100g of marshmallows. I found them in pound stretcher and here’s a picture of what they look like (please ignore the hideous photo!)IMG_7855
  3. Vegan whipped cream (£1.99 from Asda)
  4. Chocolate Soya milk (any chocolate milk substitute) – I use all milk…no hot water, I want my hot chocolate as creamy as possible! Yes you could use normal milk, but this is hot chocolate, I’m going all out with the chocolate theme here…go hard or go home.
  5. I forgot to add this into my ‘ingredients photo’ – but Adding a drop or two of vanilla essence into your hot chocolate just add’s something a little extra (as if this hot chocolate wasn’t extra enough already).
  6. Dark chocolate for sprinkling (Sainsburys basics dark chocolate is vegan and only 40p) – however I thought I’d push the boat out this season and use an even more indulgent chocolate, my Aldi special dark chocolate with sea salt…simply divine.

Method (a pretty obvious method but I might do things a little bit differently to others)

  1. Pour roughly about 150ml of chocolate milk into a microwave safe jug (or however much will fill your mug – I’m using a fancy cup here for the gram and it doesn’t fit much in it!). Heat the milk for a minute (until HOT HOT HOT)
  2. Take your serving of hot chocolate power and pour into your mug, add a dash of your milk and mix together to create a bit of a paste
  3. Pour the rest of your hot milk into the cup and stir away!
  4. Add in your vanilla essence
  5. After combining the powder, the vanilla essence and the milk, I like to froth the hot chocolate (I bought dad a nifty little handheld frother that does all the hard work) – this makes it extra creamy and frothy…like cappuccino milk consistency.
  6. Now time to decorate… the fun part! Take your whipped cream and…squirt it into your mouth…duh! NO! Bad Megan. After that silliness, squirt a mountain of whipped cream onto the top of your drink…I want to see the cream stacked high above the rim of your mug…too little cream will just melt away into your hot chocolate. We don’t want that, we want a stable whipped cream stack so that it can sufficiently hold the copious amount of marshmallows you are going to drop on top of the cream.
  7. Whilst I’ve seen some photo’s of hot chocolate with a calorie conscious serving of marshmallows, my thought process was is that if you’re going to do a decadent hot chocolate, do it to it’s full extent.
  8. After you’ve added your cream and marshmallows, grate some chocolate curls onto your hot chocolate and you are good to go.

Here’s a photo of how my turned out, I’m pretty impressed with the result…dad was happy too!



By the way, totally aware of how much the cream has sunk into the hot chococlate…no matter how fast I tried to take the photo, the cream just couldn’t take the heat! Did you know that when brands take photo’s of hot chocolate, the drinks actually cold so that the cream doesn’t melt? Now I see why! Anyway, I enjoyed mine with an advent calendar chocolate, the perfect way to start your day!

I’d love to see some photos of yours!


Until tomorrow, 


x x 




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