Tips for first time bloggers

Blogging is an extremely popular hobby; whether it’s simply for something to do, a way to unwind, a way to interact with people all over the world, or simply just to strengthen your CV…the motivations for blogging are endless.

Unfortunately so many people start blogs; write one or two and then never blog again, or go MIA for long periods of time. I knew that when I started my blog I was certain this would not be the case for me, that my blog would be totally consistent…and I think with the exception of no more than a week here or there for creative block reasons…that I’ve been successful!

I thought that If any of my readers are considering starting a blog; that I’d include some of my tips that I have picked up along my blogging journey and wanted to share. This way I can help you have a successful blog, that’s authentic and consistent, just like I’m proud to say mine is.

Now I know that I am by no means Zoella, but I have pretty consistent views and worldwide, and I’m really proud of it! My following is growing constantly and I’m by no means going to stop! I think a lot of my ‘success’ is down to following a lot of these rules, so I’d definitely suggest following these tips if you do decide to have your own blog.

  1. Be original – having something that makes you stand out, maybe write about things that haven’t been written about…maybe you add videos to your blogs? Who knows, but stand out in a way that’s true to you.
  2. Let your blog be organic – don’t expect to wake up with hundreds of followers, or to think every blog post will be a hit. Keep it true to you…which leads me onto my next point
  3. Let your blog be authentic to you. Blog about what you want to blog about, not about what you think people would like to read about/what the popular bloggers write about. It really is obvious when your passionate about what you’re writing about. If you’re uninterested in the topic, that will shine through. Not only that but you will really struggle to find the motivation to write things that you don’t really care about. Like yes, blogging about made in Chelsea might be popular, but quite frankly I couldn’t care less about that programme so I could think of little worse than writing about it. Remember – it’s your blog, let it be about your interests. 
  4. Be consistent – blog every week, or every few days. People love consistency, try having one day a week where you post a blog, and maybe for organisation sake, one day a week where you write the blog. Having a regular day when people should expect your blog is a great way to find loyal readers. Not only that, but the more regularly you blog, the more likely you are to grow your following faster.
  5. Share it on social media, the more shares the better. I personally share all my blogs on all my platforms, I also get a few shares from my lovely friends and family which helps my blog reach a wider audience. I know it can be quite daunting to share your personal thoughts/words with a large audience, I can remember when I used to blog to no audience because I was afraid of posting my blogs – it was Mat who encouraged me to do it, I was so scared pressing ‘share’…but now I can’t even understand why I was afraid, it’s just my Sunday routine now, and I’ve always got such amazing responses from everyone…it’s such an amazing feeling. Sharing with friends and family and getting them to share really is the best way to get as many views as possible, think about it; if 4 of your friends with different friends lists shared to all their friends on their accounts, that’s an additional 4,000+ people that your blog could reach…if any of those people shared your blog…that’s an additional…well you get the point, a lot of people!
  6. Make the most of when you’re feeling inspired/full of ideas. I like to write down my ideas in a word document, or I like to start a draft of the blog post, writing down the title and then a rough plan of my points for the blog. This helps you when you eventually come back to writing the blog.
  7. Interact with your audience – I like to leave a few questions in my blog’s every week, so that my readers have something to answer. Whether they respond publicly or privately, it gets conversations started and it’s love to hear peoples responses. 
  8. Have key running themes – have a few key identities within your blog. What are your interests? I personally love food, travel, beauty, fashion, and general lifestyle, so I have those categories clearly shown on my blog. For whilst some of your readers might not be into fashion, they might be into travel…or vice versa. Make your blog as interesting for as many people as possible…whilst staying true to you!
  9. Listen to your readers – if you’re lucky enough to get some suggestions from your friends and family, listen to them! So long as they coincide with your beliefs and interests and it’s genuinely something you want to write about, it’s an amazing thing being able to be creative with other people and write things you know your friends will love. 

I personally started my blog because I love writing, I love sharing my stream of thoughts, I wanted to be able to share my views with others…all over the world. I wanted to have something to commit to and something to always be able to work towards. I’d absolutely love to take blogging full time but my blog isn’t anywhere near that stage unfortunately; so for now I’m happy blogging because I enjoy it and because I want to.

Until next time, 

Happy blogging!


x x 


One thought on “Tips for first time bloggers

  1. Jubilee Meyer says:

    Great post! I think the most important thing I have learned is to be authentic. It can be easy to try and write what you think is popular, but I am learning to focus on what I am truly passionate about:)


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