My Favourite Youtubers

I've been a youtube fan for a long time now, I'm talking Trisha Paytas circa 2011! I've always loved it, it's relaxing, entertaining, fun and the possibilities of what you can find and watch on there are endless. The people and things I've watched have changed throughout the years, with my interests changing as I … Continue reading My Favourite Youtubers

Virgin hot air balloon ride

I am SO happy that I can finally write this blog post. I love to pre-plan my blog posts and therefore I had this title sat in my 'scheduled posts' for so long...9 months to be exact! This hot air balloon experience was a gift of Mat for christmas and despite our absolutely amazing summer … Continue reading Virgin hot air balloon ride

My week’s work experience

I recently completed a week’s work experience, it was so great that I felt the need to share my experience! I am going travelling in January, and I had lots of plans for summer so getting a 'real' job wasn't really feasible for me. I wanted to make sure that whilst I'd enjoyed a lovely … Continue reading My week’s work experience