Why PER? (Philosophy, Ethics and Religion)

I personally think that any degree is relevant, as long as you apply the skills and knowledge you have learnt accurately. For me, a degree in philosophy and ethics was a no brainer. I have always thoroughly enjoyed studying philosophy and ethics, I think they fit together so perfectly, constantly intertwining but also teaching you … Continue reading Why PER? (Philosophy, Ethics and Religion)

Those baggy trousers

Written in Summer 2016 I'm sure we've all seen the current fad that is those pleated culottes, a statement in itself. But these trousers don't stop there, the wide range of colours, patterns and styles of these trousers are endless. After now owning around 5 pairs, I class myself as a pleated culottes pro, a … Continue reading Those baggy trousers

Getting to know me

  So many people start writing blogs, there are so many out there that it's almost impossible to find one you are truly interested in reading and frequently come back to. This is where I want to be different. I want to speak directly to all my readers, I want to connect with everyone as … Continue reading Getting to know me