Backpackers packing list

It took me a long time to work out exactly what to take with me and what to leave behind. I'm by no means a minimalist, I have a huge wardrobe that's still full to the brim, I've got shoes coming out my ears and enough toiletries to bathe a pamper a small village. For … Continue reading Backpackers packing list

Our first few days

Hello all, sorry for my absence on here. My scheduled blog posts have been going up, but my attention to that hasn't been here with all the preparations of traveling going on. I thought today Seeing as we haven't done much traveling yet, I'd just update you on the bits we have done...and any tips … Continue reading Our first few days

Preparing for travelling

If I hadn't already posted about it enough, here's me telling you that I'm off on my travels next week...literally less than 4 days to go as you are reading this. I can't quite believe how fast it's eventually come around, I feel like I'm still totally unprepared and not ready to leave. I'm so … Continue reading Preparing for travelling

What working at Zara/working in retail taught me

You can learn something from absolutely anything you do, whether the thing you did was a good experience, or a bad one. When I finished university I knew that I wanted to travel before settling down and beginning work, so I knew that I had to spend a good few months earning some money to … Continue reading What working at Zara/working in retail taught me

My experience with the Fashion Retail Academy

I'm really keen on a career in fashion PR or Marketing, but it's something I only became aware of/started to want to do when I was half way through my degree in Philosophy. Whilst I've absolutely zero regrets about uni and the degree choices I made, I thought that it would be good to get … Continue reading My experience with the Fashion Retail Academy

How I got on with my 2018 goals

Seeing as it is New years eve tomorrow, and 2019 will officially begin in a couple days time, I thought that today would be the perfect time to reflect on the year I've had and to look at the goals I set myself for 2018 and how I got on with them. I encourage you … Continue reading How I got on with my 2018 goals

Why I love Christmas

Merry christmas! The big day has finally come, and by the time this blog post goes live, the big day will be mostly done, the presents will have been opened, the big meal will have been eaten, and right now I'm probably in a food coma and playing pass the sprout with my wonderful family. … Continue reading Why I love Christmas

Vegan festive recipe

It's christmas eve! I can't actually believe it. Where on earth has December gone? Oh well, I'm ready for all the food, games, laughter, films and general enjoyment! Christmas is undeniably one of the best times of the year food wise, not only do we eat gluttonous amounts of food, but its a time for … Continue reading Vegan festive recipe

A trip to London

A couple of years ago myself and mats mum (Julie) and sister (Sophie) went to London right before christmas for a day out just the three of us. For whatever reason, last year we didn't get to do it, but this year we went again and my goodness, it did not disappoint and it most … Continue reading A trip to London