A vegan food diary

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! I wanted to reiterate one of the themes/statements I try to demonstrate through my blog posts, that Veganism is easy, cheap and diverse, since I believe the negations of these are some of the most common misconceptions based around the lifestyle. Whilst I could quite easily … Continue reading A vegan food diary

My Favourite Easy Vegan Meals

I love cooking, I love the sense of achievement and organisation it brings me. I love cooking for vegan food for Mat, whilst he's veggie 2-3 days a week, vegan food is harder to entice him, so cooking for him and getting the "nod of approval" really is a great feeling. I'm always fearful that … Continue reading My Favourite Easy Vegan Meals

What I ate in barcelona

As I previously mentioned in my holiday tips for sticking to veganism, I used my trustee app “Happy Cow” throughout my stay and as per usual, it was so helpful. My Dad was really thoughtful and insisted that we tried different vegan/vegetarian places every day, which we did. Obviously it would be immensely dull to … Continue reading What I ate in barcelona

Come (VEGAN) Uni food shopping with me on a budget

I think one of the biggest misconceptions of veganism is that it is an expensive lifestyle. For that reason, a lot of students are put off the idea. In this blog post I want to squash these ideas and hopefully encourage someone to take make a few changes for the sake of many! I recently … Continue reading Come (VEGAN) Uni food shopping with me on a budget

How to ace veganism whilst on holiday

Over summer I was lucky enough to go on a lot of holidays, but I was fairly apprehensive about how I would stick to veganism whilst away, with all the temptation of ice-cream and also not always having the ready available vegan substitutes. However, I was determined to not let my decision rule or negatively … Continue reading How to ace veganism whilst on holiday

Bomb.com vegan snacks I could not live without

Being vegan, does NOT mean you have to sacrifice sweet treats and yummy snacks. Therefore, in this post I have written down all of my favourite vegan snacks that satisfy my naughty cravings. Everything is good in moderation and I certainly don’t hold back when it comes to treating yourself. The beauty of these items … Continue reading Bomb.com vegan snacks I could not live without


My back story: From a young age, I'd lived by a western diet. I would eat a healthy range of foods including red meat, fish, poultry, dairy and lots of vegetables. Your parents don't provide you with food as well as the uncensored story of how it came to your plate, that would be far … Continue reading Veganism