My ‘beauty’ routine whilst traveling

My friend Lizzie asked me what my beauty regime was since being away and we both realised it would be a great blog post. It’s totally something I questioned before coming out here and would have loved to have read, it certainly would have been useful to read and would have saved me a lot of space in my backpack! It’s the sort of question people will be thinking about but might not feel comfortable asking or like it’s a worthwhile question to ask…so I’m here to save people the trouble of asking and letting all those curious people know what my experience has been like.

Going from having a bathroom, draws, cupboards, shelves and boxes full of beauty products, to carrying everything I needed on my back was a huge change for me. I’ve never been one to spend loads of money on expensive products (unless there’s something I’m totally sure is worth the money), but I definitely wasn’t a minimalist when it came to skincare or make up. I had an extremely extensive collection of everything ‘beauty’ products, partly because I enjoy taking the time to myself to do something just for me, and partly because I’m a cancer and I like collecting things. The enjoyment part has not gone since being away, it’s just my priorities and outlook has changed. I still look at photos and videos of myself all dolled up and think oh I’d absolutely love to put on a full face of make up and spend a few hours in my bathroom showering exfoliating tanning and anything else…but the reality is there’s just no time for that! My old routine has changed to a quick 5 minute cold shower where I wash my body and my hair and a quick shave, I brush my hair, maybe put on a few strokes of mascara and brow pencil and I’m ready to go.

It’s been a great learning curve for me. It’s made me learn to feel totally comfortable with myself without make up and fake tan on. I’ve learnt that fake tan really eliminates the need for foundation. I’ve learnt that I actually really quite like the minimal make up looks and that I’d much rather have a few more minutes at the beach than in-front of a mirror!

I think I’ll give you some insight about what my beauty regime was before I came out here so you can compare yours to mine to see if we follow similar routines and then I can add on at the end what my routine is like now. After that I’ll give a list of what I packed and then what I would if I was packing again now. My dads coming out in a few weeks so I’ll be sending him back with everything I’m not using! So I’ll write a list of everything I’m keeping, that way you can learn from my mistakes!

I’d wash my hair as and when it needed it, generally every 2-3 days. I never liked washing my hair everyday because it’s good to let your hair release it’s own natural oils etc and washing my hair everyday I found meant that after one day it would be greasy! The more I washed it the more it needed washing.

I wore make up most days, I wasn’t really one for a huuuuuge make up routine, but I definitely wore a full face most days (that I was leaving the house). Even if I started as a ‘just going to wear a bit of foundation and bronzer’ it never ended that way, it was just a part of my daily routine I really enjoyed and found relaxing. I hate the shame that’s put on girls for wearing make up, no it does not mean we are insecure. No it does not mean we are ugly. No it does not mean we are doing it to impress other people. No it does not mean we have nothing better to do. I think I speak for a lot of women and girls when I say that make up is empowering, fun, inventive and relaxing…we don’t need to justify why we wear it!

Tan, a tan is everything to me, as pathetic as that sounds. There’s nothing that used to excite me more than going to bed pale and waking up a lovely deep shade of mahogany! I have been fake tanning for as long as I can remember, I’m pretty sure my mum introduced me to gradual tanning moisturiser (which, by the way, never failed to go streaky and orange) before secondary school. I would tan at least once a week, I literally didn’t see any reason not to. I’d really mastered the art of quick fake tanning and it had become just a normal part of my weekly routine.

Skincare, I really have never had a solid skincare routine in the sense that I’ve not found a routine I’ve ever stuck to (with the exception of taking off my makeup) not because I haven’t found good products or that I’m too lazy…I just change what I do week on week! Some weeks I felt like I wanted to use all the serums oils and toners I had, and other weeks I felt like all I need was a cleanser and moisturiser! With the exception of a few products, I’m really happy to try new things and let my skin do the talking, to listen to it and to adopt my skincare routine for what it’s saying at the time!

So what did I pack?

Are you ready for a totally ridiculous and extensive toiletries packing list?

Make up wise;

3 x foundation

2 x large concealer

1 x contour

1 x bronzer (which I use for eyeshadow)

4 x mascara

1 x highlighter pallet

1 x highlighter

1 x face powder

4 x eyebrow pencil

3 x lip liner

1 x primer

Make up brushes

Skincare wise;

The ordinary sacylic acid x 1

face wash x 1

Amino acids +b5 x 1

Hair wise;

Shampoo x 1

THAT IS IT! Why on earth did I think I wouldn’t need conditioner or silver shampoo. Having bleach in my hair means that without silver shampoo my hair goes a coppery yellow colour…it’s not nice. I absolutely cannot wait for my dad to come out and bring me some, you will find me in the shower with silver shampoo on my head for an hour!

Other bits;

Toothpaste x3

Suncream x2 (could have done with more of this)

Deodorant x 2

Perfume x1

Face tanning oil x 1

Bar of soap x 1

Razor x 4

Fake tan x 2

What would I keep from that list now?

Make up wise;

1 x foundation

1 x large concealer

1 x bronzer (which I use for eyeshadow)

3 x mascara

1 x highlighter

2 x eyebrow pencil

2 x lip liner

Skin care wise;

1 x The ordinary sacylic acid

1 x face wash

1 x Amino acids +b5

Hair wise;

I probably wouldn’t even bring out shampoo. What I’ve heard a few people doing is bringing a travel bottle of shampoo to start with and just using the hostels shampoo as and when they have it available and then filling up your travel bottle with their shampoo(cheeky I know but cmon, we’re on a budget!).

Other bits;

Toothpaste x3

Suncream x2 (could have done with more of this)

Deodorant x 2

Perfume x1

Face tanning oil x 1

Bar of soap x 1

Razor x 4

Fake tan x 1

So what would I pack now that I didn’t pack before?

Aloe Vera

Silver shampoo


So generally I would keep all my non make up toiletries the same. Whilst this sort of seems like I’m adding things after taking things away, I’m adding things that are actually being used rather than just sit in my bag! I think it’s better to bring more things from home because it means that I haven’t had to buy things whilst I’m out here which saves a lot of money. Remember that you might not need all the toiletries at the start, but you’ll slowly be throwing things away and your bag will get lighter and lighter!

By the way I am sorry that I swapped the way I wrote the product and the number of it half way through

Until next time,


x x

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