My surprise

We were heading to Koh Lanta, our final stop in the South of Thailand, which by the way there is a blog post about our time in Thailand part 2 coming soon. Mats out pretty great at planning things/working out the logistics for our trip...I should definitely do it more but he's just so good! … Continue reading My surprise

My ‘beauty’ routine whilst traveling

My friend Lizzie asked me what my beauty regime was since being away and we both realised it would be a great blog post. It's totally something I questioned before coming out here and would have loved to have read, it certainly would have been useful to read and would have saved me a lot … Continue reading My ‘beauty’ routine whilst traveling

How to pick the perfect hostel for you

We've been traveling for over 2 months now and for the majority of the time we've been out here, we have been staying in hostels. It's fair to say we've had a few really horrible ones and a few really good ones. I think we've near enough nailed how to get the best hostel out … Continue reading How to pick the perfect hostel for you

Taking some ‘me time’

Travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend/close friend or family member is great; you're totally comfortable around one another, you know each other so well and you'll more than likely have lots in common. I know for certain I would not be enjoying my travels half as much if I was traveling alone/without Mat, and not only because … Continue reading Taking some ‘me time’