A few of my favourite activities in Northern Vietnam

Just a short one this week to share a few of my favourite things that we’ve done in Vietnam so far. There’s so much to see and do we’re constantly on the go and there’s never a day where we are stuck for things to do. I’d be here forever telling you all everything we’ve been up to, so here’s a few of our best bits (so far) with photos included!

1. Prisoners of war museum, it’s actually the real prison that was used by both the French and the Vietnamese and you can see the cells, the documentation, the possessions that the inmates used. Super informative and really interesting (Didn’t take any photos in here because I never really feel like it’s appropriate).

2. The Trang An Boat trip in Ninh Binh, about £6 each for this 2 hour trip on the river, so beautiful with so many different stops that you take to get off and walk around including pagodas and King Kong movie sets! You can choose the route you take and there’s 4 different options all taking you to different places!

3. The abandoned water park in Hue, pretty creepy and cool to go and see. There’s only a couple things that actually got built so for me part of the mystery is what on earth they expected the visitors to do when they were there as all we found was one set of slides and an aquarium! Nevertheless really cool to see something abandoned and it sits on an incredible lake with a great view from the dragons mouth! We’re going to try and see more abandoned places during our trip!

4. The Hai van pass, an amazing bike ride that takes anywhere from 5-8 hours depending on how many stops you make. It can be done independently or with a tour guide, we opted to do it ourselves as mats pretty confident on the bike and we wanted to be in control of where and when we stopped. It’s the most incredible drive with views of the mountains and the coast, and we made a stop at the elephant springs on the way which was an amazing way to cool down and relax for a while!

5. Ha long bay boat trip, it’s a UNESCO listed heritage site and you can see why. There’s over 2,000 islands that make up Ha long bay and we did a day boat trip around the bay to swim, kayak and relax…absolutely gorgeous!

If I’m honest it feels totally wrong to only write about 5, because there are so many amazing things we’re doing every single day. I feel like I’m doing Vietnam an injustice so I will most definitely be writing about my whole trip here when it comes to an end in a week or so. Stay tuned!

Which activity looks like it would be your favourite?

Until next time,


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  1. chris taylor says:

    Excellent !!!

    Looks amazing 😉, so varied oh out
    Of interest what cc is the bike ! Provides
    Great freedom . Xxxxx

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