My Moon Cup

I’m really keen to write this post, to get rid of the ‘period shame’ that’s so apparent in our society. Since when did it become okay to make women feel embarrassed or disgusting for having a period. FYI, eggs are quite literally chicken’s period, and you quite literally would not exist if it were not for a period…so let’s just stop with the period shaming, kids.

Periods really have become taboo, feeling embarrassed to tell my dad I needed him to pick me up some pads or tampons or even Mat today being shocked about the fact I’m writing this post…it’s just ridiculous!

Anyway, rant over. How did I get to my moon cup? When I was thinking about packing for traveling I was making a list of the essential things I’d need, which naturally meant me thinking about tampons and pads etc. I immediately thought, well there’s no way I can carry a year supply of tampons or pads, and I don’t want to be spending £££ on buying them out there…what do I do? Then I remembered the moon cup, otherwise called a menstrual cup.

What is it? It’s a little silicone cup that replaces the tampon and pad and costs anywhere between £10-£30 pounds (mine cost £20). It works the same as tampons and pads (it collects your period) and instead of disposing of it, you empty it out, wash it and then reuse…simple!

Why is it good? The moon cup has literally become a no brainier for me, there is no reason I can think of to use tampons and pads over this. The most important for me was that it was convenient, it’s so small and takes up a fraction of the size a box of tampons would, I can take it everywhere with me and there’s no fear of being ‘caught out’ at the chance of an early period. It can also be worn for up to 12 hours, unlike the 8 hour tampons (depending on how heavy your periods are) which means you can sleep easy knowing there will be no leaks! The second was that it would save me so much money, my moon cup could last me up to ten years before being needed to be replaced. Let’s just do the maths here. If I spent £5 per month on tampons and pads, that’s £60 a year, which is £600 every ten years. My moon cup cost me £20 pounds, which gives me a saving of £580 pounds…need anymore reason to switch? It’s a million times better for the environment, do you know how many people flush their sanitary products down the toilet? It’s so bad for wastage systems and causes blocked toilets, as well as being so horrible for the people at the end of these systems who have to deal with your mess. It also means that you’re using less cardboard and paper which doesn’t take a genius to work out is better for the planet.

Finally, it’s better for your body. They don’t contain any chemicals, bleaches or fibres, meaning there’s much less chance of allergic reaction or sensitivity.

My first experience of the moon cup was great. My first day I will admit was a bit of a shock to the system, dealing with period in a way I hadn’t before, and the initial ‘application’ of it was something totally new and a little bit scary as with anything new. But after the first day I was totally sold and I’m now onto my second period using it and there’s no way I will ever go back to old methods. I’ve also found that it’s made my periods shorter, my last one was 4 days long as opposed to 5 or 6, which is another natural benefit!

If you’re like me and after finding out this information literally cannot see another reason to go back to using tampons and pads, then here’s an amazon list of cups to choose from.

I hope this has been beneficial for some of you, and that it’s in some way shown you that your period is not embarrassing, nothing to be ashamed of, your period is sacred and part of you, your period is beautiful! Happy period-ing ladies, let’s make it a healthy, environmentally friendly and cost effective one!

I’d really appreciate a share of this post, it’s super important that we show that being a woman means periods, and that there’s absolutely nothing to shame about it. #stoptheperiodshame

Until next time,


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