Thailand so far

We started our travels in Bangkok, which was certainly an experience, the heat, the humidity, the chaos, the scams…it’s definitely one we won’t forget! After 3 days there we were very excited for a change of scenery and a slightly less intense environment.

We took a 10hour bus to Chiang Mai, which was actually fine because we slept the majority of the journey. After checking in to the hotel we were scammed into booking, we moved to a hostel. Chiang Mai was a lovely change from the constant heat in Bangkok, about 7 degrees cooler I even had to wear a jumper in the evening! There were loads of things to do there and to be honest we probably could have done with spending a few more days there to properly enjoy what it had to offer. A couple of our highlights were the elephant sanctuary we went to and wat chedi luang.

From here we took a 3.5 hr bus ride to Pai. Mat had shown me the road we would be going on beforehand, constant bends, turns and hills in the road meant that it was guaranteed at least one person on our bus was going to throw up. 4/10 people were ill on the bus, including one little boy who felt ill, felt better when we stopped for 5 minutes, and then decided to eat a totally artificial and full of sugar, bright blue ice lolly, which resulted in…you guessed it…blue vomit! I actually felt really grateful that I didn’t feel ill during the trip, I was really worried I was!

We absolutely loved Pai and it’s still my favourite place so far. It had great temperatures, SO many things to go and see, amazing food as well as having some cool bars and a pretty good nightlife…it had it all! We rented a bike which certainly enhanced our stay here, it was so amazing to get on the bike of our bike and ride through the jungle! I’d love to go back there before we head home. Highlights were the canyon, all the viewpoints, the waterfalls and just generally being out on a bike going wherever you want.

From Pai we traveled to Chiang Rai, which actually meant you traveled back through Chiang Mai, making it about a 7hr journey, although this time there were no vomiters on our mini bus! Chiang Rai seemed to be a bit of a quieter place, it’s more of a pit stop for people traveling into Laos. I’d read some blogs and there were definitely plenty of things to do there, but we only had one full day so we were limited to what we could do. We rented a bike again, visited the white temple (very impressive), the blue temple (again, impressive) as well as the Black House Museum, not as impressive as the temples for me. It was generally dead animals in rooms, which isn’t really my cup of tea! I’d highly recommend getting some Kao soi whilst you’re in Chiang Rai, it was amazing and only £1. I asked for no meat and they understood, mat ordered a pork one…which there wasn’t, meaning he ended up with a pork liver soup, not so good! The place was filled with locals which is always a good sign, the place was called Khao Soi Phor Jai restaurant.

That’s all of Thailand we’ve seen so far, we will be coming back to do the islands in a couple of months…I can’t wait. Here’s some photos of our Thailand trip!

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