Going somewhere and not giving it a chance

We recently came to Vietnam from Laos after spending just a week there. We absolutely loved Thailand which set the bar very high for Laos. It took us 2 long long days of traveling down the Mekong River before arriving into Luang Prabang, and when we arrived we didn't hit it off to a good … Continue reading Going somewhere and not giving it a chance

My Moon Cup

I'm really keen to write this post, to get rid of the 'period shame' that's so apparent in our society. Since when did it become okay to make women feel embarrassed or disgusting for having a period. FYI, eggs are quite literally chicken's period, and you quite literally would not exist if it were not … Continue reading My Moon Cup

Thailand so far

We started our travels in Bangkok, which was certainly an experience, the heat, the humidity, the chaos, the scams...it's definitely one we won't forget! After 3 days there we were very excited for a change of scenery and a slightly less intense environment. We took a 10hour bus to Chiang Mai, which was actually fine … Continue reading Thailand so far

Backpackers packing list

It took me a long time to work out exactly what to take with me and what to leave behind. I'm by no means a minimalist, I have a huge wardrobe that's still full to the brim, I've got shoes coming out my ears and enough toiletries to bathe a pamper a small village. For … Continue reading Backpackers packing list