Our first few days

Hello all, sorry for my absence on here. My scheduled blog posts have been going up, but my attention to that hasn’t been here with all the preparations of traveling going on.

I thought today Seeing as we haven’t done much traveling yet, I’d just update you on the bits we have done…and any tips I’ve learnt so far. I’ll of course be including some yummy photos we’ve taken so far…because what’s a travel blog without any photos.

So we arrived in Bangkok on Friday morning, and we essentially slept the whole day bar a few hours to go out, get some dinner and drinks and have a wonder down the khao san road (oh wow that place is an experience in itself).

We ended up sleeping in till nearly 1pm the next morning, but after that we headed out to a really nice breakfast spot called snooze cafe, and then walked to a bus stop that should have taken us to the train station where we could buy our train tickets to Chiang Mai. We were approach by a ‘teacher’ (not so sure anymore), who told us it was Buddha day and the tuk Tuks displaying yellow flags were part of the government scheme for free gas in exchange for charging only 40baht for any trip you want to go on. Apparently it happens once every 4 years on this day and so we should take advantage of it…we told him we wanted to go to the temples and to the chut a chuk market and he said that would be no problem. He also told us that there was one temple that’s only open today and is normally always closed and therefore insisted we went there. He signalled down a tuk tuk and told the driver where to take us, us thinking that after going to these places that were only open today, that we would then go to our planned stops.

We were taken to a couple random temples which definitely didn’t seem as special as they’d made out, with absolutely no other people in them and being down long backstreets. This was about all of what we saw that we said we wanted to see, he drove us from shop to shop and told us to go in, pretend to look around, stay for 10 minutes then leave. After uncomfortably declining a custom made suit for 15 minutes, we’d go to a jewellers, before eventually being dropped at the shopping mall…far from where we originally started our trip.

What’s funny is almost everyone is in on it, the people at the temple we saw said the same thing, the ‘teacher’, the tuk tuk driver. After reading when we got back, we found out it’s a huge scam where we essentially pay to be driven to loads of different stores that pay them gas money to take us here, and get commission on what we buy. So when you’re in Bangkok and asking for a tuk tuk…make sure that you tell them beforehand you don’t want any stops during your trip!!

Although it didn’t go to plan, we did eventually see a stop we wanted to see, the golden mountain, which was beautiful(pics included). The day after we went to the chutuchak market, after eating at possible the dirtiest place I’ve even seen (pics not included), followed by lunch at a little restaurant that served me one of the best curries (Penang) I’ve ever eaten…all for £1.50!!

For Monday we have a cat cafe planned, getting some tasty breakfast and lunch, before starting out 10 hr bus ride to Chiang Mai…ten hours…wish us luck.

I’ll just say now that I won’t be able to do my usual blog post headers or my font changes until I find away around not having my laptop, bare with meN

Until next time,


x x

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