Preparing for travelling

If I hadn’t already posted about it enough, here’s me telling you that I’m off on my travels next week…literally less than 4 days to go as you are reading this. I can’t quite believe how fast it’s eventually come around, I feel like I’m still totally unprepared and not ready to leave. I’m so excited to travel with Mat, I know that we’re going to have an amazing time together and learn even more about one another, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at all apprehensive about what we’ve got ahead of us.

I thought that for this weeks blog, I’d share some of the things I’ve had to do in preparation for my travels, and also things that I’m packing…because some of you may be doing a similar sort of trip yourselves, or thinking or doing one. Also I really wish I’d found a blog post like this a few weeks ago, so here’s me doing that for someone else!

  • Passport photo’s for visas
  • Travel insurance
  • Pack, unpack, halve what you’ve packed, packed again
  • Think of clever ways to cut down your packing

Packing actually turned out okay, I bought packing cubes which really helped…I have one for underwear(including bikinis), one for tops, one for jumpers and then one for bottoms (trousers, shorts etc).

I’m not a minimalist by any means, but I’ve probably got about 7 tops, 8 bottoms, 2 dresses, 2 jumpers, and 3 pairs of shoes. I’m officially going to be an outfit repeater, and I’m ok with it.

I’m feeling really apprehensive about leaving everyone, because of the fomo and because I just don’t really like goodbyes. But my family and hopefully some of my friends will be able to come out and holiday with us!

So what to expect from me from now on? I plan on taking nothing but my phone for internet access, because it only increases my chances of losing/breaking something, as well as making my backpack that extra bit heavier and fuller…something I really can’t afford to do!

I want to try and stick to my Sunday posting schedule, because I love blogging and I want to keep everyone in the loop with my travels. I can promise that I will be posting once a week, but what I’ll be posting, I can’t promise. Some weeks it might be about an amazing meal we’ve had, some weeks it might be an extensive post talking you through what we’ve been doing that week, but some weeks it might be a collection of photographs from our latest trip, with a little explanation of what the photos’s are…bare with me!

What I can promise is constant photo’s on my Instagram, so definitely give that a follow for beautiful photos…here it is!

Until next time,


x x

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