A trip to London

A couple of years ago myself and mats mum (Julie) and sister (Sophie) went to London right before christmas for a day out just the three of us.

For whatever reason, last year we didn’t get to do it, but this year we went again and my goodness, it did not disappoint and it most certainly made up for last year without it! We started our day at half past 9 in the morning, getting the first off-peak train to London. During the train journey Julie surprised both me and Sophie with tickets to see Kinky boots the musical…it was a total surprise and SO exciting.

We headed straight to Covent Garden and Sophie got a new ear piercing and walked around there for a little while before getting some lunch at Pret (I do love Pret). After looking in a couple of shops we took the tube to Oxford street, checking out the funky Carnaby street, introducing Sophie to shops like Monki. Carnaby street has some beautiful and quirky christmas lights and it was my first time seeing them, definitely some to check out! We then took a leisurely walk down oxford street towards Hyde Park…we were starting to see the christmas lights twinkle and Winter Wonderland emerged into sight.

It was my first time visiting Winter Wonderland and my goodness it is HUGE! You could genuinely spend a whole day there, getting all your meals there and there’s so many things to do from looking at all the different stalls, trying all the different foods, drinking the beer and ice-skating, it’s a great day out…you just need a pretty penny to afford it all, it really is expensive!

After working up an appetite from all the walking, we went to a place called Vapianos for dinner. I’d been there Years before and remembered being really impressed by it, and I was again this time. It’s such a good place to get good value food in the centre of London, in a really clean, on trend and  aesthetically pleasing environment. Their food is all good completely fresh and made to order, so you can literally make any tweaks you want to your food…something I absolutely love.

After a lovely dinner and drink, we walked a short while to the Adelphi theatre to go and see kinky boots the musical. I have to say this was absolutely the highlight of my day, I was totally blown away by this show. I’ve seen a lot of shows but this one is most definitely up there with the best I’ve ever seen, each song was amazing, the actors were totally committed to their performances and it was just so great from start to finish. It definitely doesn’t get enough attention, it is a production you just HAVE to go and see, I left the show in the best mood, it was just absolutely incredible.

After this we headed back home and none of us could keep our eyes open for the train home, we were absolutely shattered. We walked nearly 11 miles in total that day, I slept like a baby that night! Despite the unexpected downfall when we got off of our last train, we were so lucky with the weather, having no rain all day apart from 5 or 10 minutes mid day…thank goodness, because I was wearing my new coat!

I genuinely had the best day with these three lovely ladies, they’re literally my family and I love them both so much! It was so great to spend some time just as us three, something we don’t get to do very often. Christmas really is magical in London and it will definitely be a part of my christmas that I remember.

What would a blog post be without some photos? Here’s some of our photos from our lovely day out.

Have you been to London yet this christmas? What’s your favourite city to visit during christmas time?

Until tomorrow,


x x

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