A White Christmas at the Curve

On Wednesday evening myself, my dad and Mat went to the Curve theatre in Leicester to see a show called ‘a White Christmas’. Apparently it was a take on the original film with the same name, I’d never seen the original so I went in to it with completely fresh eyes and no expectations! The back story is of two Veterans Bob Wallace and Phil Davis who land a successful song-and-dance act after World War II and then follow two singers to Vermont during christmas to take part in a Christmas show at Vermont lodge, which is owned by their former Army commander.

It was a really lovely story with lots of different stories running throughout it. It was a happy ending (which is a necessity for me) and has lots of funny and emotional moments. The music was great and the actors were super too, as well as the curve being a really lovely venue…I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes pealed to see what shows they have coming to the theatre soon.

I’d looked forward to the show for what felt like ages, because I’d specifically planned to have the theatre as something to look forward to after I finished work for christmas, so it was the perfect way to kick of the christmas celebrations. It was definitely worth the wait!

We also went for a spot of pre theatre dinner at a restaurant literally opposite the theatre, called the Queen Victoria Arts Club, I think it’s a fairly new place and definitely needs a few tweaks here and there, but none the less the perfect location for some food before the theatre.

I’d 100% recommend going to see the show, it’s great for all ages and it’s on until the 17th of January, so lot’s of time to go and see it, they even have a few dates between now and christmas…I’ll leave a link here if you’re interested in getting some tickets for the show! There’s an NCP carpark right next to the theatre too so it’s such an easy place to get to, just be aware that the carpark is a little expensive, but you can get the carpark for £5.50 if you pay inside the theatre.

Whether it’s going to the theatre, or even just the cinema, getting together with your close friends and family just to spend some time together during the christmas period and have something to look forward to together, makes things extra special.

Have you been to the theatre this year?

Until tomorrow,


x x 

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