Getting a christmas tree

Theres no such thing as getting a christmas tree to late is there?

Nope didn’t think so!

We used to have a huge 7ft christmas free in our old house, it was so grand and beautiful. all silver deccorations, it was so magical. This year I’ve been feeling really festive and our little twig tree, whilst it’s beautiful – just wasn’t cutting it for me this year!! We went a good 6 years without a tree but we’ve decided it needs to be brought back. After lots of persistence, my lovely dad eventually agreed that getting a tree would be a good idea.

We ended up popping down to our local garden centre #supportingindependentshops , I must drive past this garden centre hundreds of times a year but never really notice its existence. This year we went inside and saw that they had a whole house just for Christmas decorations and trees. I absolutely love seeing all the different garden centres and their Christmas decoration efforts…this garden centre was no exception!

They had lots of different colour schemed displays of decorations, some pink and white, some blue and gold, some green and red…all equally as beautiful.

They had so many real trees as well still available to buy but we opted for an artificial tree that will last us a long time and doesn’t shed any needles (that would drive my dad mad). The tree we went for looked so natural and real, the best of both worlds.

I bought a few more decorations from here and then we headed to a few different shops to pick up a few more silver little bits for the tree…it’s become a little bit of an addiction, trying to find little silver decorations for the tree! It’s nice to have decorations you buy in special places that give your tree extra meaning and sentiment.

We went for the strictly all silver theme again and I’m so happy with how it came out. It’s so nice to come home and stick the lights on and have them flickering away whilst you watch tv…I’m SO happy we did it.

Here’s a few pictures of how it turned out and a few of my favourite decorations;

Thank you so much daddy for getting us this tree, it’s made my Christmas! I absolutely love it, and you 🙂 xx

What colour is your Christmas tree?

Until tomorrow,


x x

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