How I’m finding Blogmas so far

I’m now 15 days into blogmas, I’ve written posted a blog everyday for over 2 weeks now and I’m totally loving it. Obviously I committed to doing blogmas because I wanted to, because I love christmas, I wanted to share some festive feeling and to encourage others to get into the christmas spirit. But I also wanted to do it to test myself, and that it has.

Whilst my blogs aren’t especially long, they definitely take up lots of time with the thinking about what to write, planning them, tagging them, sharing them and interacting with other blogs does take lots of time. I thankfully started preparing for blogmas way in advance so that if I had days where I was especially busy, I had blogs pre-written that I could go to. Last week I had a chock-a-block 4 or 5 days with working, my dads birthday, then driving to Mats (and breaking down), I got to the stage where I thought I’d have to write on the day that I was posting, a horrible way to have to write, stressful and all over the place. I like to write in a casual way, often in my pyjamas, a green tea or hot chocolate by my side and either a christmas film or christmas music on in the background…exactly how I’m writing this blog.

I really thought I’d never find a hobby I’m genuinely interested in and passionate about, but I’ve found that in blogging and I absolutely love every aspect of it. It’s been a challenge but it’s not been one I’ve seen as a chore, I’ve never thought ‘ugh, can’t be bothered to write a blog’ I’ve fitted in blog writing whenever I’ve had a spare 5 minutes, sitting on the train writing a blog rather than scrolling aimlessly through instagram, because I want to and because it makes me happy. So whilst it’s been time consuming and often a push to get things posted at 6pm (with being at work etc), I think because I genuinely love writing for my blog, it’s not been very difficult at all.

I think the challenge has been great, there’s not been a single day where I’ve failed to post, although I have missed one Sunday where I forgot to post on my social media platforms that a blog had gone live, but it was still there and posted!

It’s been so much fun writing about my christmas-related experiences, thoughts, foods and general opinions. It’s been so rewarding to gain a fair few followers from this challenge, interacting with new people and other amazing blogs. All blog post idea’s have been totally my own ideas and I’m really proud of that, coming up with 21 christmas related blog posts…easy when you’ve got a christmas passion!

I’ve also interacted with friends and family, many of which I now know read every single one of my blog posts, which is the most amazing feeling. Lot’s of people who I wouldn’t even expect to read my blog posts are really loyal readers and that makes me feel great, that I genuinely write blogs that interest other people and that are good enough to make them want to click my blog link again and again.

It’s also been a really good ‘day off filler’, if I didn’t have any particularly exciting plans for my day off, it’s given me a purpose for that day. I can always write or add to a blog I’ve got going up, interacting with other bloggers, or sharing my blogs on different platforms –  there’s always something more I can do with my blog and that’s a lovely feeling.

I’ve also found that it’s been a great brain stimulater for me. Coming out of uni where I was constantly reading, writing essays, doing tutorial prep, then to doing nothing like that and just working in retail, I’ve not really had too much to think about, but this has been great for that. I’ve had to think about all the different ideas, different ways to interact with people, how to keep my blogs exciting, as well as fulfilling my goal of writing about christmas, but whilst sticking to my ‘fashion, food, lifestyle, experiences and beauty’ themes.

One of the main things I’ve found through doing blogmas this year is that it’s 100% added to my christmas excitement. I’ve had to think about christmas recipes, think about gift-giving, get a christmas playlist together…and all the rest. Creating christmas related content has only made me love christmas more, I don’t want this month to end!

So I’d highly recommend doing something similar in future, maybe just posting a photo everyday for a month, or keeping a diary and writing entries everyday, Incase you’ve missed any of this years blogmas, here’s a link to a complete list of my public blogmas blogs; take a look and make sure you’ve not missed any!

Have you been tuning in to my blogs?

Which has been your favourite blogmas blog?

Until tomorrow,


x x 


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