Christmas OOTD plans

OOTD = outfit of the day

I love getting a new outfit for christmas day, it doesn’t have to be especially glamorous or expensive, just to have something new and pretty to wear means that it’s something extra to look forward to, a little treat to myself for christmas and it saves me frantically looking through my wardrobe on christmas morning trying to find something to wear.

I really like getting dressed up and making an effort on christmas day, with working loads recently, with the exception of a day or two here and there, I’ve genuinely lived in one of 3 outfit’s for about the last 3 months; pyjamas, work uniform, or gym gear! So for me, christmas will be a day where I take some time to put some fancy eye-shadow on, and wear something pretty!

Does anyone else feel like they have to have something new to wear for christmas day? I just think that having something new means that I’ll be confident in my clothes choice on that day, and I’ll have bought it beforehand and will obviously really like it, hence looking forward to wearing it on the big day!

Since I’ve been working at Zara and I get 25% off there, it made total sense for my christmas outfit to be from there this year. I’ve spent 3 months looking at one dress in particular and constantly trying to think of a reason why I should buy it, I’d hoped that it would go on sale during black Friday, but…it didn’t!!! Cry for me! Anyway, I eventually gave in and asked my stepdad (his name is Neil and he is wonderful!) if I could have it as a christmas present…that way it can be nicely wrapped and opened on christmas morning ready for me to put on. This also eliminates any temptation to wear it before christmas comes around…which knowing me and knowing how much i love this dress…I definitely would have given in to temptation.

Anyway, are you ready for the biggest anti-climax of 2018? Here’s the dress, it’s nothing fancy, but it’s festive, well fitting and just a lovely christmas dress in my opinion.

here’s a link incase you want to buy it yourself! 


I loved the colours and thought they were totally perfect for christmas. I plan to wear this dress with my Zara ankle boots (did I mention I worked at Zara?) I’ll insert a link of the boots here too.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.51.08

Hopefully bare legs (if I dare) or failing that, the tights will come out! Coat wise I will probably wear my black faux fur jacket, although I can’t see myself spending much time outdoors at all!

I’ll be sure to post a photo of my outfit all together once the big day comes.

Besides this beautiful dress, I will no doubt spend the rest of my christmas (christmas eve, christmas morning and christmas day evening) in pyjamas! Every year Neils’ parents get me a new pair of pyjamas, and I look forward to receiving them more and more very year. I wonder what woodland animal will be on my pyjamas this year, taking bets now!

What are your christmas day OOTD plans?

Do you like to get dressed up or do you stay in your jammies all day?

Until tomorrow,


x x

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