Getting into the Christmas spirit

Whilst I am so in the mood for christmas, too much so almost, I am aware that not all of us catch the Christmas bug. I therefore thought that it would be fitting and fun to blog about some of the best ways I think we can get into the Christmas spirit. Please let me know if there are any you think I have missed…not that I need any help getting into the festive spirit but I will most certainly do whatever it is that I may have missed, there’s no such thing as being too into the christmas spirit is there…right?

  1. Christmas bedding – one of the best things about christmas for me. It’s a tradition I started a few years ago now, with tacky bright blue bedding with santa’s all over them. I’ve since become a bit classier with my bedding choices, but still just as novelty! I look forward to getting my bedding on from about October the 5th onwards. The best place to buy Novelty bedding just has to be ASDA. Single duvet covers are £10 and doubles are £12, you just can’t go wrong! Here’s a link to the duvet cover I bought this year, as well as a link to ASDA’s other choices of Christmas bedding!
  2. Christmas music – stick it on whenever you can, it’s snowing? Winter wonderland. On the way back from work? Driving home for Christmas. N.B. I am available to provide other Christmas music recommendations suited to your provided scenario. Christmas playlist blog post to follow…stay tuned!
  3. Christmas films – there are so many to choose from that there just has to be a christmas film out there for everyone. Christmas films get me into the christmas spirit so much and I never get bored of them year on year, I want to try and watch a christmas film every day on the short lead up to christmas (maybe from 10 days before). Again, a blog post on film recommendations coming again soon, but I have 2 strong favourites,  ‘A Christmas Carol’ – the most recent one, and the Polar Express’! I recently watched ‘Deck the halls’ for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. I also just watched ‘I’ll be home for christmas’..this was pretty terrible…but you’ve got to try these things! Please let me know what your favourite Christmas film is and I will for sure watch it (if I haven’t already).
  4. Garden Centre’s – They put on amazing displays with all their decorations – it’s like stepping into a film setting, it’s so magical and such a great way to get into the festive spirit (as well as getting inspiration for how to decorate your home – hypothetical home for me of course as I do not own my own house and my dad goes for a classy and subtle christmas decoration theme). Not to mention, this is a FREE way of getting yourself into the Christmas spirit, what could be better? Myself and my great friend Bea recently went to East bridgeford garden centre and it was absolutely magical (blog post incoming)! I definitely want to visit some more this month and I’ll be sure to include any good ones that I visit in my upcoming blogs.
  5. Christmas markets – most towns will have one, some better than others…but all just as effective! I’ve heard that Bath and Manchester do pretty good Christmas markets, so I’ll definitely have to visit my good friend Zoe in bath and my good friend Maria in Manchester to see what all the fuss is about!
  6. Think about gift ideas for other people – I absolutely LOVE gift-giving. From someone who doesn’t enjoy opening presents in front of other people, I’d much rather give than receive. I will openly admit that I do pride myself on my gift-giving abilities, I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas for gifts for people. I just love really listening to people and finding gifts that suit them and making them happy – my only restriction is money this year!
  7. Christmas jumpers – the uglier the better in my eyes. I’ve collected a few corkers over the past few years, as well as having a few more subtle ones. Julie also gifted myself and Sophie one last christmas eve, it was such a fun little surprise and it got me even more excited. Here’s a few of my favourites that I’ve seen so far!,default,pd.html

Until tomorrow, 


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