A recipe and a trip to Lincoln

As you’ll know from my blogmas introduction, Sunday’s blogs (aka today) are non christmas related and just my usual content. I recently spent a few days up in Lincoln with my bestie Bea, I wanted to do a blog on our trip but in all honesty we didn’t do MASSES, we just wanted to spend some time together, doing what we do best, talking, eating, and watching netflix…and that’s exactly what we did. Seeing as this blog features Bea, I thought I’d do this weeks blog in true Bea’s blog style writing about something and then pairing it with a recipe (her blog can be found here – I’d highly recommend BY THE WAY). This paring of lifestyle and food is perfect because I felt I hadn’t shared anything food related in a while, so here’s one of my new favourite meals to make – creamy ‘chicken’ and leak pasta. It’s so tasty, filling, comforting and flavoursome. Simple flavours that just work together in harmony, as well as passing the ever critical palette of my dad! 

OOOO what to write about first?  The pasta or the Lincoln trip? I’ll start with the Lincoln trip.

Myself and Bea have been friends for a good few years now and we’ve been saying we will go to Lincoln together for about as long as we’ve been friends. Her family have a lodge there and she always speaks of how lovely and relaxing it is to go there…totally in the countryside and surrounded by trees. Bea and myself are both heading on different adventures of our own very soon, so this was our sort of ‘christmas’ celebration for the two of us. 

The lodge was so lovely, after a few hours of the heating being turned up to full power. It was decorated just as lovely as her family home and it felt so cosy and comforting. We were scheduled pretty terrible weather, but Bea had an ‘outdoor’ activity planned (as a surprise) for me, so we soldiered on through the wind and rain. We dropped off our stuff to the lodge, turned on the heating and headed off to the surprise. It was seals! Everyone who knows me well knows me the easiest way to make me happy is to get me within a few metres of happy animals…and Bea did exactly that. It was perfect really, there was this place called Donna Nook, about half an hours drive from where we were, all the seals come there to breed during October to January. There were hundreds of them, all just doing their thing rolling around in the water and sand, some cuddling, some arguing, but all in their natural habitat…simply wonderful! 

After this we headed into a nearby town, Louth. After walking around aimlessly for a while trying to find somewhere we liked the look of to eat in, we eventually struck gold and stumbled into a pub…a pub of my dreams. It was hue lit with orange lamps, dark furnature with a blazing orange fire in the centre..it was everything we needed after nearly losing ourselves in the wind and rain down at Donna nook. The pub was called the greyhound.

The food was amazing and such good value(god I love the North!), I could have sat by that fire all day. We stocked up on movie snacks and headed home for an early evening of blog writing and gavin and stacey watching. We had planned to get a Chinese for takeaway but we ended up falling asleep (no surprise there) and before we knew it it was nearly 8’o clock and we were due at her aunties house…we left her aunties nearly 11pm and so the Chinese idea had gone out of the window. Whilst I was slightly heartbroken in the moment, it was definitely for the best… salt and pepper chips at half 11 at night might have sounded like a good idea, but it definitely wouldn’t have been. 

After one of the best nights sleeps of my life, seriously @beasparents where do you buy your mattress’ and do you have one spare? We had another lazy (there’s a shock) morning watching the gavin and stacey christmas special and a christmas film called nativity. You’ll know from one of my previous blogmas posts that I am a new film phobe…this is why! We spent nearly 2 hours on a film that I have to say, did NOT live up to expectations. I’m sure I remember everyone ranting and raving about this film a few years ago, but unfortunately I wasn’t sold. 

We visited a little seaside town/street, Bea bought a £12 mug, we had lunch in a pub and began the journey home. Yes, that’s genuinely all we did, and it was fabulous. You really don’t need to do much or spend much to have a nice time, especially when I’m with close friends and family, I’m so happily satisfied with food and a film. Thanks for a lovely couple of days, Bea. 

Now it’s time for the food…come to mamma.

I’ll be sharing my ‘creamy ‘chicken’ and leak pasta recipe today…yum!

Creamy 'chicken' and leak pasta

I’ve vegan-fied it, which is something i love to do, it’s possible to vegan-fy absolutely anything these days, so it’s fun to think about a generally un-vegan meal, and turn it vegan…which is exactly what i did here with my creamy chicken and leak pasta. Let me know what your favourite non-vegan meal is and I’ll do a blog post on it where I recreate it – vegan style! 

This meal takes no more than 10 minutes to make, and it’s so nice that it takes under 10 minutes to consume. 



  1. Chicken/meat substitute – I use Quorn
  2. One whole leak
  3. 3 (or as many as you see fit) cloves of garlic
  4. Dairy free butter
  5. Alpro soya single cream
  6. Salt and pepper for seasoning
  7. Wholewheat pasta 

The very straight forward method; (check out my slideshow…how fancy)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Heat some oil in a pan and start frying off your garlic and leaks 
  2. After a few minutes add in your ‘chicken’ and let this cook with the leaks and garlic
  3. Start your pasta boiling (I like al dente pasta but if you prefer it soft then maybe start the pasta as the first step)
  4. Once your ‘chicken’ is pretty much totally cooked, add in your butter and soya cream. The butter is really important for the flavour as the single cream has very little flavour, but it makes it so creamy. If you want a thicker sauce add a bit of corn flour / normal flour 
  5. Let the sauce simmer for a couple of minutes to thicken and to allow the flavours to mix together mmm good smells should be filling the air right about now. 
  6. Season with salt and pepper.
  7. Drain pasta and add to pan of sauce
  8. Serve up with a little bit more pepper / here I added some parmesan for my dad and had I had some, I would sprinkle some engevita yeast flakes on top for that cheesey flavour (really need to get my hands on some of this stuff…this is what I mean)

Here’s a few photos of how mine turned out, it was delicious…although my presentation needs work…lot’s of work. 

Let me know if you decide to give this a go and how it turns out.

Until tomorrow,


x x 

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