My favourite Vlogmas youtubers

It’s the first day of December and therefore the first day of blogmas! How very exciting. We can well and truly start the christmas countdown now, whether that will be with a fancy advent calendar, or even just a chocolate one… a christmas countdown candle (purchased just today), or in the best way possible…with my blogmas!

I know that I personally love to count down the month of December with my favourite vlogmas’. For those who don’t know, vlogging is where people film their day (it’s literal translation being video logging). Loads of youtubers partake in filming their day, everyday, for the month of December leading up to christmas…hence vlogmas…hence the inspiration for my blogmas! It’s such a lovely way to get into the festive spirit and get some ideas for how to spend your festive days, evenings and weekends. I absolutely love watching people make their christmas arrangements and preparations, you can find new places to visit, new films to watch, foods to prepare and eat, ahhh it’s so relaxing, and not to mention, anything christmas related is just totally magical in my opinion.

I thought that some of you might already, like me, love and look forward to vlogmas, so I’m going to share my favourite vlogmas’ that I just love watching; some old, some new. Most of these youtubers will be bringing vlogmas back this year, but some may not. I’ve decided that I’m going to include the link to their youtube channel as well as the link to their vlogmas playlist (if they have one) from a different year – if you’re a little like me, you’ll no doubt love watching old vlogmas’…I mean does it really matter if they’re a couple of years old? Certainly not!

I know from doing preparations for my blogmas, that bringing out content every single day for 25 days is hard work…so let’s show our appreciation and share the christmas love!

Elle Darby


Zoe Sugg


Mika Francis


Tanya Burr

Who’s vlogmas/blogmas do you look forward to every year? Whilst I might not watch all of these youtubers all year round, both Tanya and Zoe are people that I can guarantee will upload incredibly festive vlogs to watch each year.

Well, seeing as I included four vlogmas’, that means I should have four videos to watch this evening? Huzzah! I’m sure there will be lots of others that I watch too, the more vlogmas vlogs the better.

Until TOMORROW (yep, see what I did there?)


x x 

May I just add that after lots of deliberation, I’ve decided that whilst my Sunday blogs will not be directly ‘christmas’ related – they will still count towards my month of ‘blogmas’ and therefore the header photos of my blogs may seem to skip a day number wise from Saturday to Monday e.g. todays blog is blogmas day 1, and Monday will be blogmas day 3. Whilst I know this isn’t totally the case, I will still be blogging everyday for December…just not all christmas related. I wanted the blog header photo to follow with the date of December it is posted, rather than Christmas eve’s blog post (the 24th of December) being blogmas day 20… I hope everyone has followed with that extremely long winded explanation!

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