Prettylittlething bits I’m loving

I’m still going strong with my clothes buying ban, but there’s no harm in looking is there? Wrong! There is harm, lots of harm.  My heart now aches and pines after all the beautiful things I’ve seen on Prettylittlething, they’re absolutely KILLING it recently and I’m crushing on it all. I don’t know why I do it to myself, I want it all, I want it all now…does anyone have a 70% off discount code I can use?

Because of how impressed I was with what I found, I just couldn’t not share this stuff with you all. I’m going to include photos and links, obviously! Feeling charitable today? Donations to my wardrobe welcome. This is obviously said in jest, although the point still stands. Please let me know what brands you’ve seen killing the fashion game this season, and whether you love anything I’ve included in this blog.

  1. Snakeskin wrap skirt



2. Pink floaty midi skirt



3. Pinafore dress



4. Leopard print wrap skirt



5. Borg cropped hoodie



6. Leopard print puffer



7. Burgundy Boot



8. Cargo trousers


How amazing are midi skirts may I add, I’m really digging them this season. Ahhhhh, I can’t stop looking at all these amazing items… fashion really is addictive.

Have a positive and productive week.

Until next time,


x x 

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