My Favourite Youtubers

I’ve been a youtube fan for a long time now, I’m talking Trisha Paytas circa 2011! I’ve always loved it, it’s relaxing, entertaining, fun and the possibilities of what you can find and watch on there are endless. The people and things I’ve watched have changed throughout the years, with my interests changing as I get older. It’s so genuinely lovely to find people to watch that you relate to and really like as people, I’ve followed so many peoples journeys and lives, watching them find husbands, buy houses, get dogs and have children…it’s absolutely amazing.

Whilst some youtubers have come and gone from my interests, there’s four or five that have been solid favourites of mine for a couple of years now, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I often speak to my friends about youtubers that we share an interest for, it’s so nice to have a common interest and be a little bit invested in complete strangers lives…as creepy as that sounds! I genuinely get so much enjoyment out of watching couples, friends and people just living their lives, I often find myself laughing along with them, you get to know the person and it’s like you’re going on their journey with them.

I’ve pretty much got a different Youtuber depending on what mood I’m in, they’re all so different and I find their content great for completely different reasons. I’m sure that most of you reading this will already be onto the youtube game, hence why you’re reading it, but some of you might not be…this blog post works for both! If we’re likeminded people then you’re sure to find at least one of these Youtubers totally awesome, I love getting people onto the youtube hype! I’m going to include links to their channels of course, as well as a link to my favourite video of theirs, just to give you an idea of what they have to offer!

For the edgy, stylish, vegan and just damn right cool – I give to you Mika Francis.  She wears the best clothes and constantly inspires me to update my wardrobe and to be totally free with what I wear. She also opens up about her mental health and her appearance struggles in a raw way and I really like that. I hate people who sugar coat everything and pretend as if their lives are perfect, when I find someone who talks about the bad and the good, I instantly like them…because they are real people!

Mika’s channel

My favourite video of Mika’s 

Patricia Bright – for the laughs, the honest fashion hauls and the new make-up product reviews. She’s an OG youtuber who keeps it 100% real, she splashes the cash for fashion hauls and is just so funny to watch. She’s isn’t afraid to speak her mind and I love that.

Patricia Bright’s channel

My favourite video of Patricia’s

Elle Darby – hands down my favourite youtuber…of all time. I genuinely feel like I know this girl and she’s the most genuine, down to earth and totally relatable person I’ve come across on the internet. She spends most of her time on youtube without make up on, doesn’t lie about the fact she’s chosen not to go to the gym today and has instead watched a film with chocolate digestives instead. It’s not often that I find a youtuber where I will watch every single one of their videos, regardless of what it is. Her positivity and energy is infectious and she makes me laugh in every video. Think what you like about watching other peoples lives through a screen, if it brings you happiness then it’s a positive! I’ve introduced her channel to SO many of my friends, most of which say just how similar they think myself and her are…I have to say I agree, I relate to her in so many ways and I really think if we knew eachother in real life, we’d be besties!

Elle Darby’s channel

My favourite video of Elle’s 

Sprinkleofglitter, otherwise known as Louise Pentland – probably the most different content maker out of the rest. She’s best friends with Zoella (I’m not the biggest fan of her personally, but occasionally I’ll watch her vlogs if I want to feel festive!), she’s also a youtube and blogger OG. I love her channel for her weekly’s , which take a different focal point every week. She’s a twenty-something woman with 2 children who talks tinder, chocolate obsession, cleaning products and struggling with juggling day-to-day responsibilities. She might have millions of followers and subscribers, but she’s just you’re typical woman from Northamponshire and I rate her as a person so much! Louise makes you realise that you can be award-winning, wealthy, famous, and still be totally normal.

Louise’s channel 

My favourite video of Louise’s (I don’t have a particular fave, but I generally only watch her ‘weekly vlogs’, so here’s one of those I particularly enjoyed.)

Trisha Paytas – for pure entertainment. Youtube just wouldn’t be the same without her. She’s controversial, tacky, hilarious and totally one of a kind. Myself and Kate have been watching her since year 7 and we’ve really seen her evolve into a successful business women, who is just as loopy as when she was doing chubby bunny challenges all those years ago. She’s relatable because she overeats, always breaks diets, cries hysterically, overreacts…and she films it all! She;s an absolute mess at times and isn’t afraid to admit it.

Trisha’s channel

My favourite video of Trisha’s

Do let me know if you watch/subscribe to any of these people…and let me know what you think! Also let me know your favourite youtubers, I’m always looking to expand my youtube favourites circle.

Until next time,


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