My Fake tan routine

A good friend of mine recently gave me the suggestion of writing a blog post about my fake-tan routine because apparently it looks good! I really appreciate any suggestions/ideas for blog posts, because it means that people genuinely are interested about what I have to say and also it makes writing even more enjoyable because I feel confident that I’m writing something that interests my readers.

Whilst I am able to tan, I definitely need to have a good solid few days in the sun before any tanning action takes place…meaning generally by the time I am starting to catch a tan, I’ve only a few days left of my holiday. I know that I speak on behalf of both myself and a lot of other women, that a tan makes a huge difference to our confidence, so having a tan is a necessity for me!

In this weeks post I will be sharing what tan I use, how often I tan and the steps I take/tips I have to share… I’ll include the tips I have to share in the order of my tanning routine to make it as easy to follow and as useful as possible. Please let me know what tan you use and if you have any additional tips.

I’ve tried countless types of fake-tan in my life, but for me the tan I like best is St Moritz, it costs no more than £3, you can buy it in all the stores and it works a treat. Yes St Tropez works great, but £20+ a bottle? I’ll stick with the St Moritz please. I don’t see the point in using a different brand at a huge cost just for the name, my £3 tan works just perfect for me. I’ll insert a link to somewhere to buy the tan, although I’d generally recommend you visiting any of the bargain stores, Wilko, Homebargains, B&M or Bodycare and you can guarantee getting it for £3. I use the ‘dark’ shade, because whilst it might look slightly excessive when you wake up after putting it on the evening before, it will last a lot longer than the lighter ones…you won’t have to apply tan as often, making the fake tan bottle last longer and saving you money!

TIP 1: Do not go for the ‘darker than dark’ tan, that colour cannot be described as tan, it turns you green and was quite frankly a waste of money.

TIP 2: I’d recommend using a mouse as opposed to a lotion or a mist. Using a mouse means the tan itself has colour and you can see exactly where you’re putting it and it’s easier to spread around/apply an even coat…no one wants patchy/streaky tan!

TIP 3: Do all your waxing/shaving etc beforehand. If you tan and then do all the hair removing, you’ll also do accidental tan removing!

TIP 4: Exfoliate. One that I generally don’t always do due to one of two reasons; laziness, or lack of time, leaving the tanning process too late! My friend Lucy exfoliates every time, I tend to do it if I have some old tan still on which is starting to look a bit ‘scaley’, if you’re prone to it, exfoliate any dead skin off before hand…use your judgement!

TIP 5: Moisturise. It really helps with keeping the tan on for longer and also to stop tan clinging to certain area’s.  I tend to moisturise with a moisturising mist for the sake of ease, but if you’re just looking to moisturise the most crucial areas then those areas are your knees, your elbows and your feet!

TIP 6: Use a clean and good mitt. If your mitt is too rough it can remove the tan and act as a skin exfoliator so make sure the mitt is a smooth and soft one…as well as being in a good condition. My favourite mitt is the Velvotan mitt…it’s about £3 and whilst I love getting bargains, I’ve tried to find cheaper alternatives but this really is the best one I’ve found for the best value. You can buy these in pretty much all stores…even Tesco! I was really lucky last summer and found these mitts in Tesco for 25p a pop…can you believe it! I bought 5, so I’ve not had to buy any for a while but my biggest regret is not buying all of them that were there.

TIP 7: Avoid tanning your face/use a different type of tan on your face. I always found that when I tan my face with mousse tan, it fills me pores and leaves me with little black dots on my face. For that reason I tend to either avoid tanning my face altogether and instead just using a darker foundation, or I have recently been using a tanning oil that my friend Fenella gifted to me. It’s by a company called Tanluxe and it’s very expensive so I am really dreading the day when I run out of it, because it’s seriously great stuff…I’ll link it here.

TIP 8: Leave the tan on for as long as possible. If I am tanning for an event that is on a Saturday for example, I will try and do all the shower and tanning routine on the Friday morning, and then I won’t shower off my tan until Saturday afternoon/as late as possible Saturday. I find that doing this makes the tan temporarily ‘stain’ your skin and prevent any tan loss!

TIP 9: To avoid tan loss, wash off the top layer of your tan with cold water. In order to stop the tan from staining your clothes, washing off your tan is a must, but for ages I found myself frustrated that my beautiful bronzed glow was washing away down the train as soon as I stepped into the shower. I’ve started to shower with as cold water as I can stand so that the hot water doesn’t open up my pores and wash away all my tan!

Best of luck and happy tanning!

Until next time


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