How I will be spending my Autumn/Winter evenings

I’m starting to admit that the summer is coming to its end, the days are drawing in and I’m finding myself wearing my dressing gown more and more frequently. No matter how long or good the summer has been, it’s always sad to see it go. It’s not all bad though, we can’t take for granted the insane summer we have had. I genuinely have never seen a summer so warm and sunny and consistently so!

Whilst there are many obvious benefits of summer, I must say I am growing more and more excited to be curled up inside with an abundance of blankets and blissfully watching it rain/snow outside. Autumn and winter brings loads of amazing things, beautifully coloured leaves falling, uncertain weather conditions and wooly jumpers… I can’t wait for all of it!

I thought for this week’s blog post I’d share some of my favourite ways to enjoy the cooler months, I hope it’s not too premature for some of you!

  1. Hot Chocolate, this has to be one of the best parts about those cooler months. Rich and luxurious hot chocolate drinks. They warm the heart and fill the tummy, they satisfy my sweet tooth and you can jazz them up with marshmallows and whipped cream. I’ve recently found that ASDA have started selling whipped cream in the squirty can (great terminology, Megan), as well as Holland and Barratt and a few other places selling gelatine free marshmallows, so I think I’ll have to treat myself to both of those at some stage (donations welcome). They’re made ten times better when you use only milk and warm and froth the milk, they also work perfectly with soya or any other milk alternative – I’d imagine hazelnut milk would be great in hot chocolate!
  2. Candles, something that I wasn’t at all into before I met Lucy and Fenella…but now I couldn’t be without them. Mat treated me to a Jo Malone a few months back (thanks mat) and I’ve been savouring it for the right time, I think the time is near! I love having no lights on in my room and simply having the light of just a candle, it’s so relaxing and the accompanying smell is just a match(pun intended) made in heaven! My other favourite candle is one by Lily Flame, called the ‘Happy Birthday’ Candle…it smells like sherbet and it’s only about £10!
  3. Hot water bottles, this has to be one of my favourites. During the winter months I take hot water bottles everywhere with me around the house, and sometimes out of the house…I’ve taken one to the cinema before! They’re so soothing and wonderful, I like to have one on my tummy and one by my feet in bed, oh they’re just great!
  4. Films, what’s better than being inside on a Sunday afternoon, it’s freezing outside but you’re toasty warm inside, you have lots of snacks and a great film on the tv. I’m craving this scenario so badly at the moment and my current film of choice would be Harry Potter…I’ll never tire of those films.
  5. Hearty meals, they’re a necessity! I love cooking and I love big carby meals with lots of vegetables and gravy. My favourite hearty meal is Linda Mcartney sausages, mash potato, loads of veg and gravy and stuffing if I’m feeling FANCY! I just know that myself and Lucy will be having lots of these meals (hopefully shared together) this up-coming winter, we’ve been doing this together for the last 2 years solidly and I don’t want that to change now, I can’t wait to over eat potato with you lucy xx.
  6. Novelty bedding, what a better way to get into the christmas spirit than to get some novelty bedding. Again, this is something I have been doing for the last couple of christmases. ASDA #NotAnAd do an amazing selection and their double quilt cover sets are only about £12, what’s not to love…I can’t wait to see what new styles they will bring in this winter.
  7. Baths, the best way to unwind after a long day out in the cold. Something I didn’t get to enjoy during university due to either a lack of a bath or the lack of the courage to lie down in a god-knows-how-old bath tub, so I’m looking forward to being able to have them this year! I love to find something to watch on my laptop and just relax for half an hour and think about nothing except what I’m watching . I say nothing, nothing except the inevitable, I’m a bit too hot now, let’s add some cold water, followed by the, I’m a bit too cold now, let’s add some hot water. I’m a huge LUSH fan and I will certainly be heading down there in the next few weeks to purchase some wintery scented bath bombs, melts and bubble bars!
  8. Christmas markets, every town has them…some better than others, but they’re all fun and a great excuse to eat some yummy churros or donuts. All the bright lights and mulled wine, you can feel the excitement for Christmas in the air and it’s such a great way to get yourself even more in the Christmas spirit. I’ve enjoyed some amazing times at the Leeds Christmas markets of the past few years and I’m really hoping to visit a few different ones this year, Bath and Manchester are at the top of my list…any recommendations welcome!

How do you like to spend your Autumn/Winter evenings? I’d love to know!

Enjoy what’s left of the summer, make the most of it, get outside and take in the sunshine…I’m working full time in retail at the moment and so I’m not really getting much opportunity for other things, it’s a good job I’m off on my holibobs for one final holiday in a couple of weeks! Once I’m back I will be beginning my Autumn/Winter routines and I will be enjoying what the cooler months have to offer before I head to totally different climates, come January!

Until next time


x x 

2 thoughts on “How I will be spending my Autumn/Winter evenings

  1. We Travel Happy says:

    I loved reading your list Megan! We are summer all year round here in Singapore and so I am very much looking forward to our winter holiday when I can drink a hot cup of choco and not sweat, and experience my very first ever European Christmas market. 🙂 – Amor


  2. kim881 says:

    Hot chocolate and candles – two of my favourite things! And hot water bottles are a must. I also like the idea of a Christmas market in bath, a wonderful city I haven’t been for years. We’re off to Oxford for a few days at the end of September but that’s too early for a Christmas market.


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