Festival season

Festival season is now upon us, it’s really one of my favourite times of the year and I’m so happy that the time has come again! Not only do I love this season because it means there are loads of great events on, but it means high-street brands bring in all their funky clothing! I personally don’t think that it needs to be festival season to wear these ‘festival’ clothes, I just use it to my advantage to get some cool bits for the rest of the year.

I thought that some of you might be into a similar sort of style, so I’ve listed a few of my favourite festival fashion pieces of this season. There might be some items in this blog post that you might not consider day-to-day wear, I don’t really have a filter when it comes to bright colours and funky clothes, life is too short! All items in this blog post are extremely affordable and you’ll often find that just make their own versions of the high-end fashion items anyway (love a bargain me!). I’d personally never buy high-end festival items because if I have bought them with the intention of wearing them at a festival, this means I am almost guaranteed to get them covered in mud! Who wants to spend over a hundred pounds on a jacket to get it ruined? Not me! Also if you tend to only wear statement pieces once, just think, can I afford to spend 100 pounds plus on one outfit for one day?

I hope you enjoy reading and looking, I’ve put in links to everything so that you can buy it yourself too, let me know what item was your favourite and if you’re going to any festivals this year! I’m still on the hunt to find a couple of festivals for myself and my friends to go to (bring back SGP!) With each of these websites I have literally just gone on their ‘festival’ section on their website, but typing in festival on the search bar would work too! I must admit I was a little disappointed, especially by BOOHOO, I still found some amazing items and maybe they will bring out more festival season clothes soon, fingers crossed!

I’m not going to talk through everything, maybe I’ll add in a couple of comments here and there, but personally I think the garments speak for themselves!

I think I’ll do it from shop-to-shop just to make things easier, so I’ll start with my favourite, PRETTYLITTLETHING!


  1. Link 1: 


2. I have already purchased the skirt of this, I’m just considering whether to go for it and buy the matching jacket, very tempted!!! People do call me meggy MOO!

Link 2: 





3. Finally these are back in stock in my size, YAAAAS…”That’s going straight in my basket”.

Link 3:





4. The best thing ever.

Link 4: 





5. Not for the faint hearted, but I’ve seen Mika Francis do something similar and she looked uh-mazing, if it’s good enough for Mika, it’s good enough for me!

Link 5:




6.  Link 6:





7. UGH!! Just look at it, I wish I could DIY something like this.

Link 7: 





8. C’mon girls, we all know what it looks like…amazing if you ask me!

Link 8: 




Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 09.32.55

9. Link 9: 





10. Warning: Tried these, love them so much but they would only fit someone who is 6ft! I don’t have short legs myself, but these drowned me! If you fancy wearing them with a pair of heels or platforms though I think they’re absolutely amazing.

Link 10: 




11. I absolutely love paisley print, to get it in such vibrant colours is just a match made in heaven for me…looks very short though!

Link 11: 




12. Link 12: 





13. Link 13: 




14. These are quite possibly the cutest things I’ve ever seen…I wish they did a faux-leather version 😦 😦 😦 (@DrMartins)

Link 14: 





15. Link 15: 

£5 pounds cheaper with the ASOS own! Link: 




16. Link 16: 





17. Back in stock!! Yay!! How amazing does that model look in it though, unreal!

Link 17: 





18, I need to calm down with the shaggy knitted jackets, they’re just so fun! I want one in every colour.

Link 18: 




19. Link 19: 


Which was your favourite?

Any festivals you’re going to this year?

lots of love, happy shopping and happy Bank Holiday!

Until next time,


x x 



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