My recent trip to New York

If you read my recent blog post about my New York outfits, then you’ll already be aware that I went to New York with my dad and Mat last month over the Easter break (if you haven’t, take a read).

Going away with my dad and Mat is so much fun, we all bounce off each other so well and we all have a lot of laughs in each other’s company. We had done the trip of a lifetime in America the year before, so New York had a lot to live up to, and really, the trips are so different that they’re not comparable, but they were equally amazing in different ways!

I’m going to talk you through what we did and where we went on each day, and whether there was anywhere in particular we ate that was worth mentioning! Hopefully if any of you have a trip to New York planned or if it’s an idea you have then this blog post might give you some inspiration or help you decide whether New York is for you!

We had an early morning flight, and New York is 5 hours behind so when we arrived it was about 12pm which was ideal because it meant we still had a day to get familiar with the area, have a little rest and get an early-ish night.

We were staying just off of Times Square.  I would highly recommend a hotel in Time Square, that way you’re in a good location, near everything! For example if you are planning on seeing shows, you’ll potentially be walking distance from the theatre (we were about a 3 minute walk away). This day we had a slow walk around the infamous Times Square and took a walk to Central Park where I met the cutest golden retriever (I put the picture of her (maple) everywhere so if you haven’t seen it where have you been?) (I’ll insert a picture just incase).


That evening we got pizza and had an early night ready for a day of exploring!

We started the day about 6am when dad and Mat both went to the gym (and Mat ran round Central Park) (I snoozed and got ready, nothing out of the ordinary for me). We got breakfast in time square and we headed for the Empire State.


Normally when myself and dad go on city breaks we get tickets for the hop on hop off buses, because generally they’re a good way to get around and see the sights. However Mat wasn’t a fan and so we decided to walk everywhere during this trip, which I must say I definitely enjoyed, it also helped to somewhat justified the two scoops of cookie dough and other yummy treats I had! Thanks to Mat, who as per usual, does all the directions and most of the planning, you’re fab boo. We wandered round so much of New York on this day, we walked round all the busy streets and ended up  at Grand Central, which is absolutely incredible.


I think that when you walk you see more, because you have to really think about where you’re heading and why, and you also move at a more more glacial pace and you can take in your environment much better! We also took a walk to and around the Meatpacking district, around the Chelsea markets and we walked along what was once a railway line – it’s called the high line.


That day we went to a burger restaurant called Lucky’s which was most definitely one of the best burgers I have ever had, I think my dad and Mat agreed! Definitely check it out if you can, their crinkle cut fries were just incredible…do you think I’d get be in their uber eats catchment?


In the evening we went to see the Phantom of the Opera, which was amazing. I’d seen it before and I’m pretty sure I’m correct in thinking it was my dad’s sixth time (lol), so no surprise that it was a hit with him, although I think even Mat thoroughly enjoyed it! We had amazing seats and it was a fairly small intimate theatre which made it even better.


The next day the weather was incredible, bright blue skies with absolutely no clouds in sight! We used this to our advantage by taking a stroll along the Brooklyn bridge.


We then headed to ground zero and the 911 museum which was really hard but definitely worth a visit, you cant’ really understand what it would have been like for those involved, some of the things you saw and heard were absolutely heartbreaking, but it really is an amazing tribute.


This morning we took the subway over towards SoHo. After getting breakfast at an independent coffee shop, we went to the Paul Nicklen Photo gallery and did a little bit of shopping.


Then it was time for DÕ, obviously pronounced dough but Mat insisted on calling it cookie ‘do’ for the entirety of the trip (as long as he found it funny). I had seen this cookie dough shop on Instagram and I was so excited, I literally couldn’t stop thinking about it! It was a quaint little place and they had so many different flavours, even a vegan one! We went for two scoops each which we all thought made sense at the time, but it took me over 24 hours to finish it! Luckily they had lids so I carried it round with me and snacked on it for the remainder of the trip. Please go and try this place out, you will not be disappointed, but please, go for one scoop!


We spent some timing chilling out in a park called … which had an amazing doggy sand pit where the locals brought their dogs to play with other dogs, I was in heaven. I shamelessly walked into the sandpit and sat down to watch, I fell in love with this little dog which I found out was a miniature Australian Shepherd, I’ll link some pictures from google HERE. 

My dad also got some cute pictures of me looking at this dog I’d just fallen in love with and then one of the dog as she left…I’m still not over how cute she was.



On our last day we took it fairly slow, we had breakfast at our hotel which did an amazing spread, so much fresh fruit, I must have eaten about 100 blueberries! We had snowfall overnight which was so great because it meant we had experienced New York in the sun and with snow. We had planned to go up the Rockefeller Centre the day before but it was a really cloudy day so we decided to postpone it and when we saw the snow we were initially gutted because we thought it would ruin the view, but it totally enhanced it. The view from the top of the rock was amazing, pretty much a 360 view and the city was so gorgeous in the snow. I’d definitely recommend the Rockefeller Centre over the Empire state, its just as good a view for half the price!


On reflection we were actually really lucky because the snow wasn’t heavy that it affected us in anyway, it just meant we got to take a magical walk around central park…which is what we did before we had to head off to the airport.


The trip went so fast but its definitely been the highlight of my 2018, I can’t wait to go on my next holiday with my two favourites, love you both!

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking through the photos, let me know if you have taken a trip yourself!

Until next time


x x

P.S. stay tuned for more travel related content, summer 2018 I AM COMING FOR YA!

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