What I wore in New York

I recently went to New York with my dad and Mat, and the famous city was even better than I remembered. The tall buildings, yummy food and endless things to do and see, I was ready for it all! One of the main things I was looking forward to was wearing some nice clothes and feeling good. After many weeks of hibernation in my uni house writing essay after essay, I was ready to get out of my slippers and dressing-gown and into some more flattering attire!

Before I start, I’m planning on doing a separate post on what we got up to so this post will be purely fashion-related, stay tuned for pt.2 of the New York series! As normal please let me know which outfit was your favourite, I’d love to know. You’ll probably recognise a few bits from previous blog posts, I’m in the process of cutting down the clothes I have to a handful of wardrobe staples as oppose to an abundance of clothes I don’t wear!

I’m just going to show you some pictures of what I wore and briefly explain them, where I got each item and (if I can remember) how much they cost. If links would be something you’d be interested in as well, if you let me know, I could add them in and then use links in my future fashion related blog posts. Anyway, as usual, I hope enjoy reading!

Before I show you everything I wore, I want to firstly introduce my beautiful nails. I hadn’t had my nails done for such a long time, I’m going to say it was getting on for a year, so I was SO excited to have them back. They make me feel like such a lady! Thanks for the inspo from Lucy, I went for ombre nails with one ombre glitter finger, they’re definitely my favourite nails to date!


Day 1

Today was a day of travelling, and I’m not one of those who dresses up or glam’s up to go on the plane, I’m a tracksuit, brows, mascara and I’m good-to-go kinda person, so that’s exactly what I did! I can’t think of anything worse than being uncomfortable sat in a chair for 7+ hours, but well done to those who can, I respect you! I wore my navy juicy tracksuit bottoms (tacky I know, but I love it!) and a similar coloured hoodie, and let me tell you, I slept like a baby, comfort to the max!


P.S. Anyone else freaking out at how cute that dog is!?

We went out in the evening and whilst I was personally totally fine with wearing my tracksuit out for dinner, Mat, looking back, sensibly persuaded me to change into something a little more suitable! I was too tired and hangry to think of something to wear so I decided to just wear the outfit I had planned for the following day. I, Megan Taylor, had become an outfit repeater.

Day 2

The outfit I had already test driven, but one of my favourites! I’m really into animal print and as soon as I saw this I just knew I had to have it. It’s a cow/dalmation print skirt from Missguided, although I bought it on asos during a 20% off offer! Seeing as the skirt is doing the uttermost, I left everything else plain and (much to my liking) monochrome.


Skirt – Missguided £22

Black turtleneck – M&S (it was my mums xx) £ I don’t know, sorry!

Black faux fur coat – Ebay £10.

Necklace – Vivienne Westwood £ Can’t remember exactly but about £70.

Black platform vans – £60

Day 3

Today was an extra casual kind of day, I knew it was going to be sunny so I thought today would be the best day to wear my leather jacket, seeing as it’s not the most insulating! I love blue jeans and a white top, and I’d just recently found Prettylittlethings new ‘shape’ range, which is supposed to be good for curvy girls, so I had high hopes for this top! I must say I was a little disappointed, the buttons kept popping open and it was still baggy on my back, but oh well, nothing a tight belt cant solve!



White top – Prettylittlething £15 (I think)

Faux leather jacket – Zara £35

Gucci inspired belt (obsessed!) – Asos £12

Necklaces – Prettylittlething £8

Blue jeans – Bershka £25 (The best jeans I’ve found!! such great quality, fit and price!)

Baby blue backpack – Bershka £20

My gorgeous sunglasses – Ray Bans

Vans, same as earlier (I probably would have worn my trusty Stan Smiths if I wore this outfit again)

Day 4

Today was the day we went to SoHo (5 points to anyone who knows what soho stands for), I knew there would be a fair bit of walking around so I wanted something warm-ish and comfy. This jumper is my favourite jumper, it literally goes with everything and its the nicest shade of dusky pink!


T-shirt (you can’t see it but it was there) – Thrasher £35

Jumper/sweatshirt/hoodie – MKI £65

Cigarette trousers – Topshop sale £10

Day 5

This day was a rainy and snowy day in New York, such a contrast from the bright blue skies the days before! As soon as I see it’s going to be cold-ish, I whip out my favourite coat OF ALL TIME, my purple fluffy monster. It’s literally the best statement piece I own, I get so many compliments, she is simply gorgeous! Even the extra serious airport security lady couldn’t resist complimenting it! “Straight down to the end, move, go, I love your jacket, keep moving, straight down to the end”…everyone loves it! This is such a basic and unexciting outfit, but adding this fur completely changes the vibe, I can’t recommend a jazzy faux fur enough, it’s the easiest way to make it look like you’ve made loads of effort, without actually making much effort at all! The only problem with this outfit is that the wet ground soaked my flares which made the dye transfer onto my new Stan Smiths and the laces, so they’re stained now (CRY).


Hoodie – Monki £25

Faux fur – ASOS £65 (and worth every penny)

Flares – BOOHOO £15

Stan smiths trainers – £30 from a bargain website my housemate Eva found! I think it was called M&M (I’ll link it here if I can find it)

Baby blue backpack – As mentioned previously

Which number was your favourite? I think mine was day 2 or 4!

Until next time


x  x

3 thoughts on “What I wore in New York

  1. Chloe says:

    I love your day 3 and 4 outfits! I’m looking to start my own blog soon and stumbled upon yours. I love the look of your blog and your writing style! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts!

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