Mental Health and Studying Abroad

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The Life of Lucy

This is an extremely difficult post to write, so please bear with me, I’m definitely having doubts about publishing it.  Perhaps the reason for doubt is not wanting to be labelled attention-seeking, or coming across as preachy. But actually, fuck it. If mental health can get the attention it deserves, I’d say that’s a step in the right direction – considering as many as ONE in FOUR young people suffer from some kind of mental illness.

A significant number of people tend to feel very uneasy discussing anything related to mental health, and I vividly remember a close friend telling me not to talk to anyone about it as others would not be so understanding. Initially taken back, I realised the truth behind his words. The only way we can at least lessen the stigma  is to firstly acknowledge it exists and should be treated the same as physical illness…

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