My favourite looks of the season

Just a short one from me this week, I’m swamped with essay deadlines and so I’ve had to partly sacrifice this blog for a couple of weeks…stay tuned for the ones coming up in the next few weeks, I’ll have much more time!

Summer is officially in sight and boy am I ready for it, I am in desperate need of some vitamin D! With that in mind, I’ve been starting to think about things I can wear on holidays, at festivals and just general casual days in the sun.

I’m generally not one for splurging on clothing, I get bored of clothes really easily and so for me, websites like boohoo and prettylittlething are perfect for me. I’ve put together some of my favourite items I’ve seen online that are on trend this season, and I’ve paired them with other items to create 3 looks completely out of trends from this season that I’m loving and will potentially be buying for summer.

I haven’t had the time (or money) to buy them yet so the best I can do is to include all the images and ask you to imagine them all together.

I’ll include the price of everything and where it was from…I hope you enjoy and that it gives you some inspo for summer!

Let me know which look was your favourite!

Look number one 


How it looks:


Thanks Prettylittlething for this inspo, I’ll take the lot!

Untitled 3

Untitled 2

If I could match it with any shoe it would be these bad boys


However heres a cheaper option!!


Necklace – – £8

Sweater  – – £15

Shorts – -£10

Trainers – £49.99

(I just ordered this whole outfit minus the trainers because they are sold out…but I’m LIVING, they’re such a good yeezy/balenciaga dupe)

Total price: 82.99

Look number two

Holiday/animal prints/extreme crops

How it looks


Crop – – £6

Flares – – £15

Necklace – – £5

Heels (all clear version) – – £30

Total price: £56

Look number 3:


How it looks



Don’t judge these booties, I just have such a vision with these!!! I can’t shake it!

Skirt – – £18

Crop – – £6

Jacket – – £25

Shoes –,21/2496501245095?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIobb_kK3k2QIVzJPtCh2UAQv2EAQYDSABEgJJX_D_BwE – 49.99

Boots – – £20

Total price: with vans £98.99  – with boots £69 

(I already have all of these outfit minus the boots, which I think I’m going to have to get!!!)

I must say I’m feeling even more excited for summer now…I hope you liked these looks as much as I do!!

Until next time,


x x 

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