A vegan food diary

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet!

I wanted to reiterate one of the themes/statements I try to demonstrate through my blog posts, that Veganism is easy, cheap and diverse, since I believe the negations of these are some of the most common misconceptions based around the lifestyle.

Whilst I could quite easily just sit here and write a made up food diary, including no bags of crisps or pieces of chocolate, those who know me would be able to clock this fakery from a mile off, and I’m keepin’ it real honey! So this week I decided to keep track of everything that I ate and drank, to give you a realistic account of what I eat and drink, just incase any of you readers where considering veganism and were experiencing any of the doubts I previously mentioned. I like to eat out and I like to eat treats here and there, and this blog post won’t be hiding that fact, it’s going to be a completely honest account.

I am a student that likes to eat yummy food. EASE = I generally don’t spend more than half an hour cooking my meals, because I like to work on uni studies until about half 7, so when I decide to switch off for the evening, I like to give myself as much time as possible to do the things I love (watch tv with Mat and the girls). CHEAP = Whilst I’m fortunate enough to be on a fairly relaxed budget, I am currently saving to do a year of travelling so I’m really trying to spend as little as possible at the moment. I do 2 weekly shop from Aldi but I will buy bits and bobs here and there, but I try and avoid it! DIVERSE = I never struggle to find something new to eat, I can’t stand repetition, and I never feel like I am forced to eat the same foods day in day out with veganism, if anything it encourages diversity much more than any other diet.

I generally have Uni 3 days a week, which means I have 4 days a week where I am completely able to make what I want, when I want, which means I generally eat at 11am, 2/3pm and then 7pm, so because I’m not going to write when I eat, generally my eating will follow that habit and time frame. I’m really trying not to snack, as I’m a self-confessed grazer (I eat little and often, very often), but I’m really trying to curb this habit, and so I eat big portions of complex carbs and veg, because they keep me fuller for longer.

Now, enough talking, lets get onto the food. For the purpose of the blog post I’m going to keep things brief, but where possible I will include the cost and time to prep, just to make sure I’m proving my points of ease and cost-efficiency. Everything will be vegan in this blog post, unless I slip up, which I’m really set on not doing..so yeah I won’t specify every time ‘vegan spread or vegan cake’..just know that it is! Oh and one last thing, I’ve started on a Sunday, because obviously I post on a Sunday so I’ll need to get a full weeks worth of eating in before I post!

Sunday: 1. Breakfast Blueberry wheats and soya milk COST: 23p TIME TO PREP: 1 minutes 2. Lunch Hummus on toast with salad leaves and tomatoes (and cracked black peppercorns) COST: 50p TIME TO PREP: 3 minutes 3. Dinner Linda Mcartney sausages, kale, broccoli, green beans, carrots and a whole lotta gravy – (was going to make mash but I was so hungry and couldn’t wait!) COST: £1.10 TIME TO PREP: 20 minutes 4. Snack Hula hoops, cupcake and bournville dark chocolate 5. Drinks Green tea, normal breakfast tea, blackcurrant squash

Monday: 1. Breakfast Toast with butter and tomato puree (if you haven’t tried this, you NEED to, you won’t regret it) and a clementine and apple COST: 35p  TIME TO PREP: 3 minutes 2. Lunch chicken pieces, carrots and stuffed pepper (see “my favourite, easy vegan meals” blog post for recipe!) COST: £2.00 TIME TO PREP: 30-35 minutes  3. Dinner I went out for dinner and cocktails with Mat this evening, bean burger and chips COST: I have a revs card so for both mine and mats dinner, plus 2 cocktails, plus olives, plus a beer for mat it was £25 TIME TO PREP: 0h yeah 4. Snack 5. Drinks Green tea, blackcurrant squash and too many pornstar martini’s!

Tuesday: 1. Breakfast Toast with butter and tomato puree COST: 8p TIME TO PREP: 3 minutes 2. Lunch Tomato pasta with broccoli and spinach (courtesy of Mat) COST: 30p TIME TO PREP: 0h yeah (thanks mat xx) 3. Dinner homemade thai green curry and white rice (courtesy of me) COST: 85p TIME TO PREP: 20 minutes 4. Snack bournville dark chocolate and 2 mini bags of sweeties 5. Drinks Green tea and water and blackcurrant squash

Wednesday: 1. Breakfast pancakes with peanut butter, chia seeds and banana (see recipe blog post) COST: 50p TIME TO PREP: 20 minutes 2. Lunch Lentils with tahini and green beans COST: 50p TIMEwa TO PREP: 6 minutes 3. Dinner stuffed pepper, broccoli, cous cous and salad COST: TIME TO PREP: 4. Snack homemade kale crisps COST: 20p TIME TO PREP: 5 minutes 5. Drinks Green tea and water and blackcurrant squash

Thursday: 1. Breakfast Marmite on toast and tomato puree on toast COST: 11p TIME TO PREP: 3 minutes 2. Lunch Pasta with tomato, chilli and broccoli COST: 65p TIME TO PREP: 15 minutes 3. Dinner Mats speciality with tomatoes, peppers, chickpeas, broccoli served with rice (mmmm so yummy) COST: N/A TIME TO PREP: 0 4. Snack popcorn, yoghurt, chocolate, orange (I was very hungry this day) 5. Drinks water and squash

Friday: 1. Breakfast Toast with marmite and an orange COST: 25p TIME TO PREP: 3 minutes 2. Lunch Falafel salad (red onion, iceberg lettuce, spinach, tomatoes) and a bag of crisps (can’t stop with the hula hoops, they’re just too good) COST: 80p TIME TO PREP: 10 minutes 3. Dinner salt and pepper chips COST: £2.00 TIME TO PREP: 0 4. Snack popcorn 5. Drinks Green tea and hot water

Saturday: 1. Breakfast Marmite on toast, yoghurt and an orange COST: 70p TIME TO PREP: 3 minutes 2. Lunch“chicken” wrap with onion and spinach and kale crisps COST: £1.10 TIME TO PREP: 15 minutes 3. Dinner Chicken pasta bake COST: £1.50 TIME TO PREP: 30 minutes (this was incredible) 4. Snack wafers, donuts and popcorn (yikes, diet starts on Monday) 5. Drinks Green tea and water

MMMM….anyone else feeling extremely peckish?

I hope you enjoyed, yes I must admit this week was a little indulgent, I don’t always eat so many snacks, and whilst I could have lied or controlled what I ate so it appeared really clean, that wouldn’t be the truth! I’m planning on cutting out most of the snacks next week, but I just love them!

Until next time


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